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Wearable art by NW artists Cicely, Robin, and Linda.


Here. Now. Apparel art that it is original, well constructed, and wearable.

Hand painted textiles by NW artist Cicely Gilman.

Scarves make a very sophisticated gift for people of all ages.

If you are after luxury-feeling scarves, there is nothing lovelier than pure silk.

$90 and up.



“I am a silk painting artist since graduation from AIS and receiving my BA from St. Martin’s College of Art in London. I have painted art for selected boutiques and various museums, such as The Whitney and LACMA. I established  my silk painting company “Cicely” and have had work in wearable art shows around the United States.  I also create household art products, much different from my silk painting.  I reside in Seaside, Oregon.” CG



Hand painted silk is the strongest of natural fibers and is extremely smooth and soft.
The silk dyes used for the painting of each scarf have been steamed-set for permanence.

Silk scarves can be hand washed in cooler water with a mild soap.

Hang it on a towel to dry. Use the silk setting of your iron to press.



Glam masks by NW textile artist Robin Montero.

$30 with Nosy, Bendy, Thingie ™ and hand washable.

Here. Now. Apparel art that it is original, well constructed, and wearable.

Wearable art that is be beautiful, inspiring, and glamorous!

 Textile artist Robin Montero is a Seaside resident and former costume designer.

Here. Now. Apparel art that it is original, well constructed, and wearable.

The wearable cloches from textile artist Linda Olson include pieces created from  wool and upcycled fur.

Made by NW Hands ™.



If you are stuck on what to get the fashionista in your life and looking for a gift that looks like a splurge but will not break the bank, we have got you covered with wearable art.

Serious style is not about how expensive something is; it is more about the impact that it makes. Cases in point:  Artful scarves by Cicely for warmth, made for the pandemic Glam Masks by Robin, and cozy head gear by Linda. Each one is made by NW hands and each will make a big statement at a small price, and are guaranteed to be a big hit.

Free gift wrapping and shipping by Fairweather’s on wearable gifts.

Alleviate some of the stress — and cost — of finding the perfect, stylish holiday present this year with our special wearable gifts starting at $30 and that pack a punch.

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