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By special request “A Rare Visitor” image by Neal Maine.

 “A Rare Visitor” Baltimore oriole photographed in a Seaside backyard by Neal Maine

Matted, framed in wood, and signed

17h” x 23w” $295


 Proceeds from Neal Maine’s photos to support North Coast Land Conservancy, NCLC.

Check out the NCLC  website for more information about doing good works

A limpet creeps up a wave-washed rock, following the rise of the tide. A salmon follows ancient watershed trails to its natal stream. An otter travels along its living trap line for crabs in the estuary to crayfish up the side creeks. A vole tunnels into the soft sponge on the forest floor. In the treetops, in the forest, across the land, in the water, and in the air, all become a living slate for NATURE’S TRAILS. This tracery of interwoven trails are unsigned but indelible to generations of travelers.


Humans: We take pictures, walks, deep breaths, memories, ride on waves, water, timber, in habitat that used to belong to other trail makers. We thought we could never catch all the salmon, never cut all the big trees, and never pollute the ocean. In our hubris, we thought we could make our own trails. With renewed humility, we are learning how to share this place, to live together with our partner trail makers. PacificLight Images celebrates this partnership as we use our images to inspire others to honor nature’s trails in OUR OWN BACKYARD. Neal Maine

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