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New fall arrivals @ Fairweather’s.

As perfect as an autumn sunset, fused glass bowl by Bob Heath.

As perfect as a picture of a body of water, fused glass bowl by Bob Heath.

Just perfect for the men, semi-precious necklaces by Mary Truhler.

Although men’s jewelry isn’t a new concept by any means, the way we wear it today represents a vast difference from the past. They can also elevate your basic t-shirt,  casual sweatshirt, or sweater. Discover the most epic range of meaningful necklaces for guys by one Fairweather gal who leads in jewelry trends.

Ham and Egg Omelette by Marga Stanley.

Just perfect as pandemic comfort art.  Indeed, NW artists seem to be  producing more than ever before while staying safe at home and then delivering by appointment in the gallery. 

Thankful.  Grateful.  Fortunate to have creative souls in the social distancing loop.


Hello my friend
I have a piece I think you may like in a whimsical and comforing way. I like it.
I hope you are doing well and staying out of harms way.
Big cyber hugs

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