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Top ten 2021 moments.


#10: Annie Sears dressed to complement her gift of daffodils on a visit.

Art by Karen Doyle, Bill Baily, Agnes Field, Carmela Newstead, Jan Rimerman, Dorota Haber-Lehigh, Mary Truhler, and Sharon Kathleen Johnson shown in the background.


#9: Proceeding as the way opens for COVID-19, year two, in the art of social distancing.

Featured art by Agnes Field, Jackie LeLoff, Pam Haunschild, Kimberly Reed, Cherry Harris, Vanessa K. Stokes, Melissa Jander, Christine Trexel, Paul Brent, Karen Doyle,  Mary Truhler, and Peg Wells.


#8: The art of masking.

Artist Vanessa K. Stokes exhibition opening. Art by Vanessa, Gretha Lindwood, Cicely Gilman, and Christine Downs with gallery volunteer Nancy Kroll assisting.


#7:  Habitat lecture by naturalist Neal Maine.

For more than ten years, photographer Neal Maine has presented stunning images of the coastal habitats found in our own backyards, in the background is his image titled Pacific Force IV of the Tillamook Head Lighthouse in Seaside.


#6: Life in the green. 

Spring opening reception. Art by Jan Rimerman, Bill Baily, Agnes Field, Lee Munsell, Jan Sheild, Mike Brown, and Martin Conley, Gretha Lindwood, and gallery art hostesses.



#5: Embracing Mother nature.

Welcoming new watercolor artist Mary Lyn Gough with Bob Kroll assisting, also showing art by Melissa Jander, Emily Schultz-McNeil, Pam Haunschild, and Toni Avery.


#4: Earth laughs in flowers.

Most viewed collage post by photographer Linda Fenton-Mendenhall for Fairweather’s.

Karen Doyle, Bev Drew Kindley, Mary Lyn Gough; NW artists in attendance at the opening of BLOOM, a Fairweather exhibition. In addition, featuring art by Jan Rimerman, Emily Schultz-McNeil, Neal Maine, JoAnn Pari-Mueller, Barbara Bacon Folawn, Colette Fallon, Diane Copenhaver, Lieta Gratteri, Marga Stanley, and Mary Burgess.


#3:  From sea to sea, coast to coast, and beach to beach artist Paul Brent created public art.

The “Welcome Wall” mural project in downtown Panama City features Seaside summertime resident artist Paul Brent, a well-recognized fixture of the arts communities in Oregon and Florida.


#2:  Lee Munsell painted LIVE during a visit to Fairweather Gallery.

The artist traveled along the Pacific Coast Highway 101, taking photographs of the iconic Oregon Hug Point, to use as an inspiration in new oil paintings. Sidenote:  an art patron visited to select three of Lee’s works of art to add to his collection in 2021.


#1: Seaside Prom celebration of 100 years.

Fairweather Gallery hosted the Seaside Historical Museum in July 2021. Featuring art by Peg Wells, Lee Munsell, Victoria Brooks, Toni Avery, Karen E. Lewis, Bob Heath, Carolyn Myers Lindberg, Marilyn Cohn, Bob Knoll, Nick Brakel, Emily Miller, and Don Nisbett.

 And, so as 2021 comes to a close, we hope you have enjoyed the roundup of Fairweather moments that made life just a little better at the beach.  

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