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Just in from Mary Bottita’s hands. Folded book art.


Mary Bottita creates Folded Book Art. 

I fold the pages and make a word story come alive. Each book is made very carefully by calculating the number of pages combined with the number of letters into a unique fold of individual pages to form a word, image, or number; anything is possible.”  MB 

A custom folded book can tell a story in many ways. I love working with customers to use books to tell their personal stories. Whether it be their names, initials, or life-changing words.”  Mary Bottita

Books have more uses than might be obvious. Sure, you can press flowers in a heavy one and set out the pretty ones as decoration. And, too, you can read the darn things. But turning a hardcover book into a three-dimensional sculpture is a work of art. Indeed, sculptures can be created by making 100s or 1000s of precise folds within the pages of reclaimed, preowned, vintage books, and new pristine books.

A bride-to-be recently asked if a book fold could be used as a cake top for her wedding. She requested a name and Mary folded a sample with HOLLAND as a last name.

Mary Bottita is a Fairweather treasure.

Indeed,, at times, creating can be a little fiddly and time-consuming. The art depends on the level of detail in a pattern, and you have to deal with many folds per book. I also offer a variety of ribbon colors and customized embroidery covers. Special orders take up to 6 weeks to complete.

Mary Bottita is a native Oregonian.


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