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For THIS PLACE, artist Nick Brakel, photos from the opening reception, and some doing good work news.

“Blue View” and “Ocean View” abstract oils by Nick Brakel

Expressionist landscapes for THIS PLACE, Fairweather’s July exhibition

Through the years, Nick Brakel has participated in various shows at the Fairweather Gallery, first as an emerging artist to watch in 2013, in a group show with Jan Shield, Bev Drew Kindley, Paul Brent, and Rosemary Klein, and in collaboration with The Wetlands Conservancy and partners Ode to the Tides, a 2019 traveling state-wide art exhibition highlighting the ecological and economic value of near-shore coastal habitats. 

In all of my art, and perhaps particularly in my landscapes, I am looking to express the vibrancy and spirit of nature. 

I am very inspired by the art of Van Gogh, Edward Munch, Egon Schiele, Gustave Klimt, Pierre Bonnard, and many, many others. Particularly the approaches of Schiele and Klimt have been of interest to me
lately. They both push the bounds of expressionist painting within a prescribed and well-defined
form. So, it creates this inherent tension between mark-making and almost abstraction
versus the accurately portrayed landscape/portrait/ or still life. This has always been of great interest
to me.

Creating tension between abstraction and form. How far can you push one without losing the
other? I am also very much a colorist when it comes to art. Vibrant colors are essential to me
and are a massive part of the work of all artists I referenced. The works created for this show are all
oil paintings with a slight amount of mixed media.

I started my BFA at The College of Visual Arts in St. Paul, MN. I left after my foundational studies to
focus on landscape painting on the North Shore of Lake Superior. I found my way into Nursing and
eventually finished my BFA at The University of Wisconsin Superior.

Upon moving to Portland, I participated in The Print Arts Northwest Emerging Printmakers Residency. I also interned at Atelier Meridian Printmaking Studio for several years. I am currently in school at PCC and taking Reiki Next Step  training while continuing to pursue my art.” 

Nick Brakel

Neal Maine, wildlife and habitat photographer, with Nick Brakel, abstract artist, sharing good news and art information at the opening reception of THIS PLACE, Fairweather’s July 2022 exhibition.

My past subject matter was often nature based, focusing on the creatures inhabiting the natural world with birds and  ocean creatures, generally with an emphasis on climate change’s possible effect on these creatures.”  NB

Just announced: Neal Maine and Michael Wing’s photographs are part of a permanent art display that features selected work by 40 artists in the Seaside Convention Center. 

We are thrilled to share that 14 artworks have been chosen from the gallery for the new public art collection in the Seaside Civic and Convention Center.”  FH&G
With gratitude to Drea Rose Frost and the SCCC committee for choosing works by Toni Avery, Michael Wing, and Neal Maine.

Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway

Seaside, Oregon

Art on display and for sale through July 25

Painters, artists, and photographers explore the language of landscape

THIS PLACE, a special exhibition with selected original works by regional artists Paul Brent, Victoria Brooks, Nick Brakel, Barbara Bacon Folawn, Cicely Gilman, Bev Drew Kindley, Neal Maine, JoAnn Pari-Mueller, Jan Rimerman, and more.

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