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STEPPING FORWARD, muses and spring inspirations, from Fairweather’s exhibition through March.

Hand-made bunny cards,  hand-corded carrots, Made by NW Hands ™ spring pottery by Marilyn Cohn, floral cards from Lieta Gratteri, hand-painted wood eggs, month-blown glassware, handmade cut crystal bracelets by Mary Truhler, and, of course, all selected and displayed in springtime theme.


Even though the weather may be frightful, at times, slightly discordant, and contrasting to the calendar page, wait a few minutes for Mother Nature’s muse will, surely, prevail, heavily guided by the season, truly, that will follow. 
Easter is April 9th.

Glassware by Bob Heath, pottery by Marilyn Cohn, vintage mouth-blown glass bowl, gemstone art by Cherisse Mia, handmade Easter eggs and cards, and…through the looking glass window…spring break traffic (Canadain visitors) on Broadway Street. Oregon’s spring break starts next week.

Hand-painted wooden bowls by Janis Childs, handmade glitter eggs, hand-painted stemware, oak wine barrel serving tray, jewelry designs by Rene Hafeman, and vintage serving pedestal. 

Seeded bubble glass bowls by Christine Downs, sand cast pewter hare, mouth-blown wine glasses with stacked bubble stems, hand-painted silk scarf by Cicely Gilman, extreme plush down pillows, handmade ceramic robin eggs, and spring oil paintings by Melissa Jander.

Indeed, Fairweather’s does spring differently.

STEPPING FORWARD, Fairweather’s March exhibit, attempts to say, quite laterally, to bring forth objects, art, and design that create inspirations of the spring season in a different light in themes even locals might not be familiar with.”

Iconic Fairweather Gallery driftwood bench filled with plush, silk, linen, embroidery, and crewel-down-filled pillows.   STEPPING FORWARD, the spring exhibition is heavily guided by comfort with the hope that the  pproaching season will prevail. The Gallery has shifted the displays to the feeling of spring.

Fairweather House and Gallery
612 Broadway St.
In downtown Seaside
Find harmony in exquisite materials, combined with the spirit of many artists who know how to apply the mark of being in the Northwest.
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