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About Shirley 88.

At Fairweather House and Garden it is important to maintain a diversity of music. Throughout the day, the gallery features a selection collection of opera, chant, Native American, new wave and soul sounds, available for purchase, that is arranged by one of our “Fairweather-people”.

Garrett is our very talented music contractor. In Oregon, did you know that in business, if you are playing music, you must have a contract to sell that music? And, too, Garrett signs each invoice with “peace and thank you”. Questioned if he signed every other invoice with the same signature, he answered:
“when I interviewed Fairweather’s for a music line-up, I specifically recalled that you desired peaceful and calming music.”

For special after hour events, such as, an open house, an art walk or an artist reception, Shirley88 has thrilled guests with a playing style so intense and perfectly matched to the affairs that she has become something of Fairweather music guru.

She shows us all different insights with her LIVE performances, interpreting scores and putting moods together. We are very fortunate to have Shirley as a member “Fairweather-people” who do.

She is not a back ground singer, rather, she is a master at the keyboard combining her highly tuned vocals into blending of rhythm, pop, soul and, oftentimes, beautiful, pleading love songs.

She graces our affairs and has become the center of our megawatt evenings.


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