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Enjoy what is new and beautiful from artist Gretha Lindwood.

Quiet Anticipation

“Quiet Anticipation” original pastel  by Gretha Lindwood.

Painted LIVE during Seaside First Saturday Art Walk at Fairweather’s. Indeed, what was started a blank canvas at the beginning of the art event, was completed and framed as a quick finish at the end of the Quiet Anticipation Art Walk. Marvelous opportunity to watch a master create.

Sharing Seaside First Saturday Art Walk motto:

“Those that live for the arts, support the arts.”

See more of Gretha Lindwood’s fine art at:
– “Glimpses, The 28th Annual Miniatures Show” at Cannon Beach Gallery
1064 S. Hemlock, Cannon Beach, OR, Phone: 503-436-0744
– Art On Broadway Gallery 12570 SW Broadway St., Beaverton, OR, Phone: 503-601-3300
– Aurora Gallery 1004 Main St., Vancouver, WA, Phone: 360-696-0449
– Fairweather House & Garden 612 Broadway, Seaside, OR, Phone: 503-738-4003
– Ryan Gallery 4270 N Highway 101, Lincoln City, OR, Phone: 541-994-5391

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