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Just in from Leah Kohlenberg for ‘Portraiture’, Fairweather’s May exhibition. On view through May 29.


Original portrait by Leah Kohlenberg.


Portrait by Leah Kohlenberg. 

Leah Kohlenberg artist statement:

“I have been painting for 17 years, and am primarily self taught, though I have taken classes at the Gage Academy and the Pacific Northwest College of Art, and studied privately with Armenian painters Hakob Hovannisyan, Arthur Sarkissian, and Suren Nersisyan, with Georgian artist Lado Pochkhua, and with Portland Artist Don Bishop.  I work mainly in oil and acrylic, working with urban architecture and modern portraits as my subjects, but also use pastels and watercolor. I have been juried in as a Portland Open Studio artist every year between 2015 and 2018, and currently serve as president of the open studio board. I have had solo shows at the Hadas Gallery in Brooklyn, New York; at the Műveleti Terület Gallery in Budapest, Hungary; and at the American Embassy in Yerevan, Armenia, among others. I won a merit prize in the American Juried Online Art Salon 2010 Spring and Summer Show.  My art is in private collections around the world.”


Portraiture exhibit featuring the art of Leah Kohlenberg.

“I have taught art for 11 years, first by helping start an English language art school called Sziv Studios in Budapest, Hungary with American artist Paula Brett, and since then teaching hundreds of students of all ages.  I founded the Roaming Studio for  teaching art classes in 2010 (renamed Leah Kohlenberg Fine Art Classes in 2016).  I was awarded a Regional Arts and Culture Council Grant to publish my first book, The Roaming Studio Step-by-Step Guide to Drawing Faces, released in early 2016.  I also offer an Art at Work Program, designed to bring drawing and painting classes to non-professionals in the workplace,”  …from a previous lecture  Leah Kohlenberg.



“Here is a link to the book. I will have copies for Fairweather’s  Portraiture exhibition through May 29.”  Leah

The Roaming Studio’s Step-By-Step Guide to Drawing Faces (The Roaming Studio’s Art Guides) (Volume 1) by Leah Kohlenberg (2015-12-24)

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