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Just in from artist Ron Nicolaides. For OUTSIDE INTERESTS. Aug 3- 25th.

Moon over Mt. Jefferson

Original oil by Ron Nicolaides.

About the artist:

Ron Nicolaides, lives and works in Oregon and studied art at Washington University in St. Louis Missouri, but is primarily a self-taught artist. He painted his first oil seascape in his teens and credits visiting museums as a basis for his continuing knowledge of art and the style of the Hudson River School of Painting, a style he pursues.

Artist Eugene Garin has served as his mentor. However, his work is heavily inspired by the European Old Masters with his greatest stylistic influence being the Hudson River School of artists, such as Albert Bierstadt, Thomas Moran, Frederic Church and Herman Herzog.

The western landscape and Pacific coast are the predominant subjects of Nicolaides’ paintings.

Q: Where in the world in Mt. Jefferson, you ask?

A: Mt. Jefferson is a stratovolcano in the Cascade Volcanic Arc, part of the Cascade Range in the U.S. state of Oregon. The second highest mountain in Oregon, it is situated within Linn County, Jefferson County, and Marion County and forms part of the Mount Jefferson Wilderness.

Q: What is the Hudson River School of Painting style that describes the style of a Ron Nicolaides painting, you ask?

A: Hudson River School of Painting,  an American art Movement, was  originally a large group of American landscape painters of several generations who worked between about 1825 and 1870.

An outgrowth of the Romantic movement, the Hudson River school was the first native school of painting in the United States; it was a proud celebration of the natural beauty of the American landscape and in the desire of its artists to become independent of European schools of painting.

Hudson River School paintings reflect three themes of America: discovery, exploration, and settlement. The paintings are characterized by their realistic, detailed, and sometimes idealized portrayal of nature, often juxtaposing the remaining wilderness, which was fast disappearing from the Hudson Valley in the 19th century just as it was coming to be appreciated for its qualities of ruggedness and sublimity.

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August 3- 25 Exhibition 

Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway St.

located in the Historic Gilbert Block Building

OUTSIDE INTERESTS featuring local painters and artisans hugely impressed with the wide-open, majestic vistas of the Pacific Northwest.  Selected art, new original work, conveys nature’s shifting moods, with no human presence visible.   Artists include Paul Brent , Melissa Jander, Sharon Kathleen Johnson, Bev Drew Kindley, Gretha Lindwood, and Ron Nicolaides.

“Ron’s strength is his capacity to push the limits of oils and multiply glazes to create the masterful works that bring the viewer right into the scene. The stylistic influences he uses give his compositions a sense of wonderful depth,”  D. Fairweather, gallerist.

Welcoming new artists oil painter Vicky Combs-Snider and glass artist Christine Downs  to the gallery.

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