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Quietude, an exhibition, handmade things through December 23.

Handpainted silk scarf by Cicely Gilman,  pottery by Marilyn Cohn (whose signature on each pot is a unique happy face), handstitched purse by Jeanne Walker, handpainted beverage glasses, gouache painting by Lieta Gratteri, and photographs by Steve A. Bash.

For December. 

One-of-a-kind. Made by N.W. Hands ™. 

Beautiful things.


Pottery by Forest Bash, photography gift cards signed by Linda Fenton-Mendenhall, cards by Don Frank, handpainted stemware by Gretha Lindwood, glass by Fedor Zubanov, 4×4 art by Kris Zorko, glass by D’Arcy Martin, fused glass by Carolyn Myers-Lindberg, 1950s vintage glass, and a Fine Arts mercury glass lamp.

Meticulous displays, like none other, with disciplined attention to design perspectives.

This is Fairweather’s.

Oregon King Tides, a series of oil paintings on linen by Ron Nicolaides, seed pearl copped tree, mouth-blown glass, mother-of-pearl picture frames, signed art glass, silver plated shells, vintage vaseline glass plate, mouth-blown stemware, and handmade shell tree.

Quietude. December.

Find harmony in exquisite materials, combined with the spirit of artists who know how to apply the mark of being in the Northwest. 

This is Fairweather’s.

Complimentary gift wrap through December 23

Find where original art is integrated daily with irreplaceable humanity, friendship, and beauty.

Beautiful things.

This is Fairweather’s.

Gemstone art, gemstone jewelry, and artists who are gems at Fairweather’s.

Please read more about our Seaside Gallery, our commitment to N.W. artists, and our products made by N.W. artists.

Fairweather House and Gallery has become one of the historic Gilbert District’s most sought-after destinations offering an ever-changing and unique visual experience.” –The Seaside Signal.

Pictured is “N.W. Coastal Forest,”  a genuine gemstone art piece by Cherisse Mia at $495; other artworks available from $495 to $1895 exclusively at Fairweather’s

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