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Victoria Brooks has arrived for the summer!

The Looking Glass original oil Victoria Brooks

The Looking Glass. Original oil on linen by Victoria Brooks.

Meet the artist.  See new work.

Save the date and time.

July 2nd, 5- 7pm. Opening reception for POWER OF TWO, an exhibition that runs through July 31st at Fairweather House and Gallery.



Fairweather House and Gallery, 612 Broadway

Opening reception for Power of Two, an exhibition that includes regional artists who have managed to produce a body of work that reads like an oasis of calm, a subtle backdrop during the busy time of high season in vacation land. Perhaps, the show title sounds like a recipe for chaos given the many summer activities and adventures, however, when teamed with the artists selected, combined with the work they have created, indeed, the gallery truly adds a dimension of serenity that will be sensed as much as seen.

“Without giving too much away, the artists arriving are water colorist Paul Brent, oil painter Victoria Brooks, wood turner Daniel Harris, textile artist Cherry Jones Harris, textile artist Linda Ballard, wood worker Mike Brown, whimsical artist Marga Stanley; each artist has a connection to the number two,” says Denise Fairweather, gallerist, “because meeting an artist in person and listening to an artist talk is half the fun of attending an Art Walk!”

Seaside nature photographer Neal Maine introduces his latest natural history journal of images and will speak at 6: pm.

Two Painting Seaside LIVE episodes, indeed, two painting demonstrations, will be offered by Paul Brent and Victoria Brooks!!!

TWO artists  on July 2nd Painting Seaside LIVE = Power of Two. First takeaway clue!!

Adult beverages, light refreshments and door prizes offered by the featured artists will be provided.


Fairweather House and Gallery is located at 612 Broadway, Seaside, Oregon and since 2006 has represented more than 100 nationally known regional artists, as well as mentored emerging local artists.

Please visit Victoria Brooks for more information.

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