Agnes Field

For THIS PLACE thru Jul 25

Seaside textile artist Cicely Gilman

Born in the USA, the artist lived with her family in Vienna, Austria, where she went to the American International School. I later graduated from St. Martin’s College of Art in London, England. She was a colorist for textile converters in New York City and then moved to Los Angeles, where she established “Cicely,” a silk painting company.

Cicely hand paints silks for boutiques, major museums, and selected gift shops, such as the High Museum, Whitney, and LACMA. She has had her work in various art shows around the country and as a featured artist at Fairweather Gallery. Recently she has been creating silk designs using a water theme, offering one-of-a-kind silk scarves, hand-sewn and hemmed, exclusively for the Seaside community.


Fairweather welcomes Candace Wilson.

I took ceramics in college, along with painting and drawing. I earned a B.S. in Applied Design After four years of college and trading paintings for dental work, I needed a job that used my skill set. I went back to college and studied graphic design. Fell in love with the four-color process, designing logos, and printing processes. 

My clay work reflects my graphic experience, using words, textures, and images. My drawings and fonts are made into rubber stamps and applied to wet clay. I enjoy making things using the slab technique or wheel-thrown pottery. I keep the “maker marks” on my pottery, so people know it is handmade. My quest is to make people smile and think positively when the world around us seems chaotic. -CW

Last call for THIS PLACE, July’s Fairweather special exhibition.

Art on display and for sale through July 25

Painters, artists, and photographers explore the language of landscape

THIS PLACE, a special exhibition with selected original works by regional artists Paul Brent, Victoria Brooks, Nick Brakel, Barbara Bacon Folawn, Cicely Gilman, Bev Drew Kindley, Neal Maine, JoAnn Pari-Mueller, and Jan Rimerman.


Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway St.

 DIFFERENT STROKES, an exhibition of original abstracts.

Through August 25

Featuring watercolors by Bill Baily, en Plein air work by Karen Doyle, frescoes by Agnes Field, Art Deco works by Rene Hafeman, acrylic art by Ashley Larsen, fused glass art by Carolyn Myers Lindberg, impasto art by Martha Lee, and encaustic works by Peg Wells.


Aug. 2022 at Fairweather Gallery
The Astoria-based artist uses a matter-of-fact approach to painting and making objects by improvising and reusing found materials along with the paint to amplify the intended meaning.

She has a Master’s Degree in Studio Fine Art from New York University, has served as acting president of non-profit Astoria Visual Arts and Visual Arts Curator @KALA, and has participated in many juried exhibits and residencies.

“Painting is a dark romance – a sensuous love of paint and materials, but also the expression of unknown meaning that always finds its way to the surface. It is often on edge between making and destroying.

You can look at an object for a long time, and then one day, its meaning changes – which changes the object. Painting is one way of looking for the mystery that is always there hiding in plain sight and is the price of one’s time for understanding.” AF

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In appreciation to THIS PLACE featured artist and Rain Spark director, Jan Rimerman, for the referral of Candace Wilson to the Gallery. And, too, in gratitude to DIFFERENT STROKES featured artist Agnes Field for the recommendation of the Gallery of fellow abstract artist Cicely Gilman. Those that live for the arts support the arts.

“Magic Moments” by Barbara Bacon Folawn

16 x 20  original acrylic framed in beech wood

When I paint on location, I lose myself in the moment and use all my senses to learn about and interpret what I see in front of me. The result is a fresh and essential rendering, an impression from the heart and a moment in time. Whether I am using a small sketchbook, a canvas or watercolor paper, I treasure the process and results of plein air painting, which often inspires larger works in the studio.”  BBF

“Surf Dance” by Barbara Bacon Folawn

6 x 6 original acrylic canvas framed

“Treasure Seekers” by Barbara Folawn

6 x 6 original acrylic canvas framed

“A Day at the Beach” by Barbara Folwan

6 x 6 original acrylic framed

Oregon-born Barbar Bacon Folawn began creating art in travel sketchbooks to capture landscapes and seascapes in rural France.
Inspired by several art instructors, she explored painting in watercolor and later in acrylics on canvas.

At the Keizer Art Association’s Colors of Autumn Fall Juried Show in 2021,
Barbara Folawn was awarded 1st Place. 

At the Oregon State Fair in 2021, Barbara Folawn received an award for her painting “At Day’s End” in the Oregon Award division; entries were required to depict a significant landmark that represented Oregon.

OHSU School of Medicine established an endowment for Dr.Robert Bacon, Barbara Bacon Folawn’s father.  The fund supports student projects including sophisticated lab research and perfecting communication skills to better convey complex medical information to patients and their families. Bacon also became known as an environmental leader. He trained whale-watch volunteers and taught Elderhostel participants about local estuaries and rocky intertidal ecology. He helped to organize the Haystack Rock Awareness Program and led the effort to save the beaches for public use with the Oregon Beach Bill.

Barbara Bacon Folawn is an Oregonian who champions natural resources, environmental causes, and art.

“I am a member of the Watercolor Society of Oregon, Salem Art Association, Keizer Art Association, Salem’s Artists-in-Action, and the Cannon Beach Art Association. I regularly choose to participate in selected regional and statewide art shows.   I look forward to seeing you at the opening reception on July 2!” BBF

Fairweather House and Gallery

July 2 – Jul 25

 THIS PLACE, an exhibition, with works by regional artists Paul Brent, Victoria Brooks, Nick Brakel, Agnes Field, Barbara Bacon Folawn, Cicely Gilman, Bev Drew Kindley, JoAnn Pari-Mueller, and Jan Rimerman.

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By request, SEA SYMPHONY article and inspirations from artist Jan Rimerman.

Sea Symphonies are more than being under the sea; it is all of the activity and excitement which goes on above the surf in a collection of rings, ropes, and boats.

The fishers of the ocean inspire paintings. A seaport offers mystery, a gritty natural beauty, and reveals a gentle ruggedness that takes you back to a time when the seas were as fierce as the people living upon them.  

Paintings depict sea remnants, resonating in pulses of lives long past. They are full of texture and secrets, which allow you almost to feel the salty wind and smell the briny sea.

Histories of lives echo over the misty water when walking on a pier during an early morning fog. A dawn walk along the seaboard offers crisp, spicy air over a low-tide land with barnacle-encrusted rocks exposed.

Frequently with no soul in sight, it feels like the world has rolled back into the centuries. Strolling on a deserted wharf, with disrupted sea birds overhead, one can discover shells underneath the planks, image histories in the bits of broken pottery, and wonder about the battered parts of boats. You absorb the energy of the generations and the ever-changing sea moods while pondering the trappings of generations of hard-working people whose blood responds to the sea calling.  –Jan Rimerman

Last call. Sea Symphony through June 25 An exhibition at Fairweather’s that features the newest original work from regional artists Sandy Viisse, Dorota Haber-Lehigh, Emily Miller, Gretha Lindwood, Jo Ann Pari- Mueller, Martha Lee, and Jan Rimmerman.

On July 2, the opening reception for THIS PLACE, an exhibition, with works by regional artists Paul Brent, Victoria Brooks, Nick Brakel, Agnes Field, Barbara Bacon Folawn, Cicely Gilman, Bev Drew Kindley, JoAnn Pari-Mueller, and Jan Rimerman. Artist talks at 5:30 p.m., followed by a lecture from biologist, naturalist, and photographer Neal Maine. Live music by Chelsea LaFey and Richard Thomasian. Seaside Painting LIVE ™ episode by Paul Brent.

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By watercolor artist and CBAA Board member Mary Lyn Gough

The CBAA Board & Staff exhibition is now open! This is a two-week exhibition highlighting all of the creative individuals who make up our board of directors. This show will run through Jan 23, 2022.

Mary Lyn is a Principal Program Delivery Partner at Providence. Mary Lyn Gough is a long time artist, painting in watercolor. Mary Lyn is honored to serve on the CBAA board, giving back to the art community she loves. Most recently, her art was juried into the Natioinal Watercolor Society show.


And, too, in March, 2022, Mary Lyn Gough returns to Seaside, with an exhibition of new watercolors at Fairweather Gallery. 

The Oregon Coast Council for the Arts presents the exhibit “The Short Days of Winter,” by Agnes Field,  through Feb. 26, 2022 at the Newport Visual Arts Center. 


Born and raised in Astoria, Agnes Field moved to New York City and studied at the School of Visual Arts. She completed her graduate work in studio art at New York University before working at Studio Art International in Florence and Venice. Fields is a founding board member of Astoria Visual Arts,  KMUN-FM radio, and has been a practicing artist on the North Oregon Coast for over 20 years. Most recently she awarded a PICA Precipice Fund grant—funded by the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Arts and the Calligram Foundation—to restore and repurpose, along with two other artists, an historic local park. Field’s work has been shown nationally and internationally and can be found on the coast at Astoria Visual Arts Gallery, Cannon Beach Gallery, Fairweather Gallery, and others.

Most of the materials I use are recycled or found material and occasionally the materials define the direction of my work. I do believe in material identity—that certain materials have their own possibilities and sense of time. The tension is between chance and choice—the unexpected given or the decisions made.”  Agnes Field

Fairweather Gallery opening artist receptions dates and month-to-month art exhibitions for 2022.

  • Mar. 05 through Mar. 25  Fearturing Mary Lyn Gough among other regional artists

  • Apr. 02 through  Apr. 25

  • May 07 through May 25

  • Jun. 04 through Jun. 25

  • Jul. 02 through Jul. 25  Featuring Agnes Field among other regional artists

  • Aug. 06 through Aug. 25

  • Sep. 03 through Sep. 25

  • Oct. 01 through Oct. 25

  • Nov. 05 through Nov. 25

  • Dec. 03. through Dec. 25

Stay tuned for more artsy news about Fairweather 2022 exhibitions.


“Part curatorial, part installation Fairweather brings together artists’ works from a wide variety of genres and mediums, grouping them into an expansive spectrum of theme and color.” –Seaside Signal

Fairweather Gallery

612 Broadway


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ON SECOND GLANCE, vignette #1:  Handmade display cabinet, coastal pen and ink landscapes by NW artist Dorota Haber-Lehigh, pottery by Marilyn Cohn, mahogany turned wood pedestal, handmade urchin bowl by Emily Miller; inlaid wood, embossed wood, and leather frames, shell shadow box, with linen and down-filled pillows.

ON SECOND GLANCE vignette #2: Faux marbled wall texturing by Seaside painter Brian Anderson, En Plein Aire original oils by Melissa Jander, vintage Frtiz and Floyd pottery, mouth blown glass vegetables, hand made lamp work bead ladle, recycled glass platter, hand forged plate stand, and finished edge plank table with forged iron base.

ON SECOND GLANCE vignette #3: Handmade barn doors, Seaside oil paintings by Paul Brent,  glasswork by Bob and Rox Heath, framed glass tiles by Christine Downs, bamboo and linen runners, upcycled trestle table, handthrown glazed pottery, turned ebony wood candlesticks, and Made by NW Hands ™ reversible masks.


ON SECOND GLANCE vignette #5: Pastel landscape and stemware by Gretha Lindwood, handmade books by Kris Zorko, pottery by Marilyn Cohn,  handmade boxes by Christine Trexel,  Abstract oil by Carmela Newstead and water media by Pam Haunschild.


Through September 25

Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway

Seaside, Oregon

An exhibition that depicts a second look into art concepts, looking past the first glimpse to discover deeper, more specific, and significant elements in the artist’s conception of the work.

Staging by KD Fairweather, Allied member American Society of Interior Designers.

Photographs by Linda Fenton-Mendenhall.

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Front entry BE OUTSIDE exhibition display


Sunflower watercolor mixed media with gold dust by artist Lieta Gratteri, encaustic art by Peg Wells, whimsical bird by Sandy Visse, hand forged three tiered bronze display stand, hand woven natural reed table runner, recycled glass goblets, mercury copper glass candle holders, hammered by hand copper and silver earrings, hand dyed silk scarf by Cicely Gilman, Thai silk quilted accent pillows filled with down, recycled glass serving bowl, and made by hand sunflower glass bowls. In the background is an ocean-space by Lee Munsell, original watercolors by Paul Brent, and copper, silver and gold earrings by Cher Flick.

Front window BE OUTSIDE display


Handmade indoor/ outdoor birdhouses by Marcia Hudson, bird’s nest fused glass art by Carolyn Myers Lindberg, had quilted pouf pillow by Cherry Harris, pottery bowls by Marilyn Cohn, seed pearl mosaics by Gayle H. Seely, Oregon mrytlewood mushroom sculpture by Mike Brown, bronze wire compote, hand speckled and dyed robin eggs, and gull watercolor by Lieta Gratteri.

Closeup detail of the interior window detail, twig pottery, and leaf roof composition on the birdhouse made by Marcia Hudson.

Close up detail of a maker’s mark signature for Marilyn Cohn, NW potter. Indeed, the artist carves a different face on each piece.

West wall BE OUTSIDE displays

Rendezvous mixed media fresco art Agnes Field with native flowers and NW herbs, wildlife art cards by Leah Kolenberg, twig basket by Charles Schweigert, art glass platter by Bob Heath, walnut bowl by Mike Brown,  shagreen frame, leather picture frame, and hand-forged bronze candlesticks.

Close up detail of the Rendezvous art featuring cedar pots filled with LIVE herbs and glass vases filled with LIVE native cut flowers.

South wall display for BE OUTSIDE

Art and cards by Barbara Bacon Folawn, pottery by Suzy Holland, artistic card packages by Phil Juttlestad, segmented wood vessels by Martin Conley, wood turned bowls by Tom Willing, en plein air art series by Karen Doyle, and mouth blown art glass.


North display for BE OUTSIDE:

Sunflower framed painting on board by Emily Schultz-McNeil, encaustic mixed media by Emily Miller,  art glass by Bob Heath, and raw edge maple and forged iron table by Stuart Dittbrenner.

Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway


BE OUTSIDE exhibition

On view through August 25

A group show showcasing the work of regional artists incorporating painting, photography, sculpture, fiber art, and more.

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“Rendezvous” mixed media fresco painting on panel by Agnes Field 32″ x 32.5″

Q: What is mixed media fresco painting?

A: Three coats of plaster, sand, and marble dust are troweled onto a surface. A final smooth coat of plaster is added onto as much of the surface as can be painted in one session. The boundaries are confined carefully along contour lines, so that the edges of each successive section of fresh plastering are imperceptible. Agnes Field

And, too, brilliantly illuminating her talent,  Agnes Field created a YouTube video from her workspace to participate in the revised Astoria Open Studio Tours in 2021.  View her art on line this Saturday and Sunday, July 24 and 25/ 11-5:pm.

“Pelicans Aloft” watercolor/ framed by Paul Brent

Paul Brent has been profiled in many publications including the Wall Street Journal and Coastal Living. He is a signature member of the National Watercolor Society and a member of the Society of Illustrators. He authored a book on watercolor instruction titled Wonderful Watercolors and illustrated the children’s book J. Rooker, Manatee. He is active in many arts and planning organizations and offers a Painting Seaside LIVE ™ event during the Seaside First Saturday Art Walks at Fairweather House and Gallery.

And, too, new for 2021 Paul Brent has created a series of blank cards depicting his wonderful sense of humor in the field of animals at the beach. Available on-line.


Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway


 BE OUTSIDE exhibition 

On display through August 25

A group show showcasing the work of selected regional artists incorporating painting, photography, sculpture, fiber art and more.   Featuring watercolor artist Paul Brent, fresco painter Agnes Field, floral painter Lieta Gratteri, pen and ink artist Dorota Haber-Lehigh, fine art photographer Bob Kroll, acrylic artist Bev Drew Kindley, fused glass artist Carolyn Lindberg, oil painter Emily Schultz-McNeil, calligrapher JoAnn Pari-Mueller, mixed media artist Jan Rimerman, and plein air artist Lisa Finch-Wiser.

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Anny Sears delivered a delightful fresh-cut bouquet of daffodils to the gallery, dressed, as always, in a coordinating and fashionable outfit. In the background is a spring watercolor by Bill Baily, fresco art by Agnes Field, oil landscapes by Sharon Kathleen Johnson, mixed media by Jan Rimerman, watercolors by Dorota Haber-Lehigh, and abstract oil by Carmela Newstead.

Spring tablescape #1:  Watercolors by Lieta Gratteri, impressionistic art by Bev Drew Kindley, Majolica braided basket filled with hand-gilded golden eggs,  ribbons by the yard, hand-dipped candles by Illumne,  and an Oregon Myrtlewood bowl.

Spring tablescape #2:  Abstract by Carmela Newstead, pottery by Marilyn Cohn, hand-painted wooden eggs, hand-painted foil bunnies, hand-cut crystal candlestands, Illlumne candles,  silk ribbon by the yard, mouth-blown champagne flutes, collection of beveled mirrored frames, and silk table runner.

Spring tablescape #3:  Quilted decorative pouf pillows by Cherry Harris, maple serving bowl by Ted Willing, botanical cards by Dorota Haber-Leigh, birdbath by Emily Miller, oak wine barrel lazy susan by Mike Morris with hand-forged iron table, vintage verdigris candlesticks, and patterned alder wood bowl by Daniel Harris.

Photos by Linda Fenton-Mendenhall.

Displays by D. Fairweather, allied member, A.S.I.D., American Society of Interior Designers.

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“A premier source for stylish, chic, one-of-a-kind livable furnishings, fine art, and the most extraordinary accessories.”

Enjoy past Anny Sears photos at Fairweather’s.

“Fairweather House and Gallery has become one of the historic Gilbert District’s sought-after destinations offering an ever-changing amazing visual experience.” –Seaside Signal/ 2008

“Stroll across the arched Broadway Bridge, and you’ll see the historic Gilbert Block Building, est. 1914. The upscale Fairweather House and Gallery, at 612 Broadway Street, is a must-visit for anyone serious about Northwest artists.” –Seaside Visitor’s Bureau/ 2021



The Green Room

Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway St.

Seaside, Oregon

Fittingly, the first Fairweather presentation of the year, a month-long exhibit, the GREEN ROOM, spotlights art by regional fellow gallerists.

In the entertainment business, the green room is the space in a theatre or similar venue that functions as a waiting room and lounge for artists before, during, and after a performance or show when they are not engaged on stage. The origin of the term is often ascribed to such rooms historically being painted green.


Watercolors by Bill Baily, exhibiting artist from the Portland Art Museum

Fresco art by Agnes Field, founder and past president of the non-profit Astoria Visual Arts

Watermedia by Diana Nadal, fellow designer and frequently showing at Gusitina Gallery

Mixed media work by Jan Rimerman, curator for Lakewood Center Gallery and Rain Spark Gallery Director

Abstracts by Bill Shumway, founder of Pegasus Gallery and creator of the Vistas and Vineyards en plein art program


In a contemporary green room spin, for March, Fairweather artists ready to take the stage to do what they do best: mingle with other safely with other artists and patrons.

In show business, the green room is the space in a theatre or similar venue that functions as a waiting room and lounge for performers before, during, and after a performance or show when they are not engaged on stage. … The origin of the term is often ascribed to such rooms historically being painted green.


Agnes Field, artist and curator has a studio on a working farm a few miles outside the Empire of Astoria, OR in the center of Cascadia.

Field, of native Chinook Indian and Finnish descent, uses non-traditional materials and occasionally found objects in paintings attempting to imbue the kind of energy found in leftover artifacts.




Green, Green, I Want You Green #1
Mixed media on panel—12”x 12”

Artist Agnes Field

Green, Green, I Want You Green #2
Mixed media on panel—24”x 24”

Artist Agnes Field


Green, Green, I Want You Green #3
Mixed media on panel—24”x 24”

Artist Agnes Field








Hand painted silk wall hanging by Cicely Gorman, watercolor by Pam Haunschild, pen and ink abstract by Vanessa K. Stokes, hand painted tile earrings by Kris Zorko, and knitted wool cloche by Linda Olson.

In addition, locking wine storage island with glass doors and pull out food safe serving drawer, made in America.

Landscape oil by Colette Fallon, watercolor by Lieta Gratteri, glass platters by Monet Rubin, double faced masks by Sai,  botanical floral cards by Dorota Haber-Lehigh, and natural edge console table by Ray Noregaard.

In addition, selected accessories made by hand:  mouth blown art glass, vintage Murano glass on consignment by Paul Brent, inlaid wood frames, sequined silk fame, leather frame, and sterling silver heart frame. Also featuring silver leaf wood display table with beveled glass, vintage wire garden folly, and faux fur with imprinted suede liner throw.


Chanel vintage necklaces by Rene`e Hafeman, calligraphy by Penelope Culbertson, bracelets by Karen Johnson, earrings by Mary Truhler, notebooks  and woven card by Kris Zorko.

Selected accessories made by hand:  chiseled champagne flutes, seeded bubbles mouth blown heart, gift package of caramel hearts, copper wire heart, and vintage Valentine’s cards.

In addition, frosted glass and nickel tiered etagere, wooden trug, and ruby mouth blown glass compote.


Fresco painting by Agnes Field, encaustic by Peg Wells, clocks by Stuart Dittbrenner, goose by Sandy Visse, pedestals by Marcia Hudson, hand painted wine glasses by Gretha Lindwood, and seascapes by Carol Thompson.

In addition, selected accessories made by hand:  signed ceramic vase, natural dried sheared juniper trees, hand forged candlesticks,  exclusive Illume ™ candles, treated natural boxwood candle rings.

Also featuring hand poured luster glass candle stands, beveled mirror, quilted silk/down pillows, fine textile scarves, woven reed runner, dyed cattail spheres, bamboo platter, and carved wood fretwork lamp.



Quilted felt pillow by Cherry Harris

“Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul
And sings the tune without the words
And never stops at all.”
~ Emily Dickinson


And, too, just in! 
New hardcover cookbooks with chef-inspired recipes combined with inspiring plated photographs and Seattle chocolatier Fran’s famous caramels. In addition, Fairweather’s offers a fine selection of hardcover design, travel, and garden books.

“Now, my hunger to cook for those I love has translated into self care. Without friends over the past year, I have cooked for myself; and I realize now that my life has been much the richer for it. When at times it has felt like the world is crumbling around me, a proper meal is something I look forward to, taking the time to lay the table prettily, and eating by soft candlelight. My best distraction lately has been ending the day with a sweet morsel of fine chocolate.

As this global pandemic lifts and, little by little, the world opens up, without doubt what I look forward to most is sitting once again round a table in the company of those I love and eating together. But for now I’m plotting tonight’s dinner, leafing through cookbooks looking for food I long to eat; and then taking the time to cook it just for me. There is comfort— a lot of love—in that, too.” — S. McAlpine


Photos by Linda Fenton-Mendenhall.
Staging by D. Fairweather/ gallerist, interior designer, and allied member, A.S.I.D.

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The pandemic year, although stressful, has given us a lot of  time to think—about our NW artists, and specifically, the role that the gallery can have on our patrons. Indeed, many artists have produced more new work than ever before.  We are grateful for their inspirations and have been fortunate to have had the time to create new vibrant displays to complement the artwork and to highlight the month of February, always and forever, known as the season of Love.

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