Reneé Hafeman

Display #1 for DIFFERENT STROKES:  Watercolor floral by Mary Lyn Gough, fused glass bowl by Christine Downs, glass platter and glass leaves by Monet Rubin, glass plate by Bob Heath, botanical art by Dorota Haber-Lehigh, “Along the Winding Road” (Paul McCarthy quote) in calligraphy by Penelope Culbertson, one-of-a-kind jewelry by Mary Truhler, and vintage Louis XV key- lock it ™ necklace by Rene Hafeman.


Display #2 for DIFFERENT STROKES.  Teasel and bird watercolor by JoAnn Pari-Mueller, encaustic roses by Peg Wells,  poppy art by Jan Rimerman, watercolor florals by Leita Gratteri, mixed media collage by Sherrie Stahl, painted urchin rocks by Kandy Swartz, handmade glass dragonfly color spot by Bob Heath, wooden bee bowl by Janis Childs, wood carved turntable by Stuart Dittbrenner, and glass floral dish by Christine Downs.

Display #3 for DIFFERENT STROKES: Pelican oil painting by Paul Brent, raw edge table by Stuart Dittbrenner, impasto art by Martha Lee, sunset pottery by Marilyn Cohn, abstract fused glass by Christine Downs, woven baskets by Jan Dittbrenner, and carved wood chair by Will & Avery.

Display #4 for DIFFERENT STROKES.  Heron mosaic set in wood by Stuart Dittbrenner, sunset oil by Victoria Brooks, pastel four by four chairs and handpainted stemware by Gretha Lindwood, handpainted linens and wooden sunflower bowl by Janis Childs, print of metal by Mike Mason, fused fluted glass by D’arcy Martin, vintage glass from Paul Brent, series of oil paintings on board by Karen E. Lewis, impasto art by Martha Lee, vintage chevron gold abstract caddy, and handmade pottery by Marilyn Cohn.

Display #5 for DIFFERENT STROKES.  Contemporary art by Ashley Larsen, abstracts by Leah Kolenberg, encaustic art by Peg Wells,  fused glass by Monet Rubin, vintage woven glass bowl, stylish handpainted scarves by Cicely Gilman, pottery by Marilyn Cohn, fused glass slump bowl by Christine Downs, woven paper cards by Kris Zorko, and a fine collection summer reads hard-cover books.

Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway St.

DIFFERENT STROKES, an exhibition of original abstracts and contemporary works.

Through August 25

Features watercolors by Bill Baily, en Plein air work by Karen Doyle, frescoes by Agnes Field, Art Deco works by Rene Hafeman, acrylic art by Ashley Larsen, fused glass art by Carolyn Myers Lindberg, impasto art by Martha Lee, and encaustic works by Peg Wells.


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“Fairweather House and Gallery has become one of the historic Gilbert District’s sought-after destinations offering an ever-changing unique visual experience.” —Seaside Signal.

Representing a collection of fine art and craft by an exceptional group of regional artists for over sixteen years, from traditional to transitional, contemporary to realism, and impressionism to emerging art.

DIFFERENT STROKES  staging by KD Fairweather, Allied member, A.S.I.D., American Society of Interior Designers.

Images by Linda Fenton-Mendenhall for Seaside First Saturday Art Walk.

You can now shop from a curated edit of preloved designer pieces, be it a Ralph Lauren purple label,  RALPH LAUREN black label,  green label LAUREN Ralph Lauren, or red label RALPH by Ralph Lauren. 


RL designer collection label was black in the 2000s and is currently a purple label for couture lines. Green Lauren labels were boutique clothing, and red Ralph labels were casual lines.

Q: Why genuine preowned luxury, you ask?

A: Spotting a trend is a newfangled strategy for fashion investing. And inspired by fellow vintage artists Rene Hafeman and Jessica Stokes, both have lectured to clients “buy the classics, like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and other luxury lines.” The gallerist at Fairweather’s worked in high-end fashion representing the Ralph Lauren brand and the Jones black label as a regional fashion specialist. It has recently dropped a private collection of chic designer fashions. Available in Misses sized 4-6 petite only.

And, too, one-of-a-kind designer label high-end shoes are available from a former Nordstrom Personal Touch shopper and stylist.  Rarely worn in sizes 8 to 9.  Revisit the glamour of a night out in style.

“Pre-owned luxury is now a real and deeply rooted trend, especially among fashion-savvy customers.”

Also, on view at Fairweather’s is the Ralph Lauren 2007 limited edition folio hardcover book with a foreword written by Audrey Hepburn including a collection of the iconic Lauren fashion looks from 1967 through 2006.

In addition, a collection of hardcover interior design books, including chef-inspired cookbooks, have been curated for the Fairweather gallery.

Choosing well speaks.  It is about a way of life where we have a kind of collaboration with the environment which provides us with so much of our livelihood.
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For Valentine’s Day, February 14,  2022. Exclusive jewelry designs and chocolates.

Loving relationships require a “we”-rather than focusing on “me.”

Just in. Chanel’s hearts were designed into lovely pendant necklaces by NW jewelry designer Rene’e Hafeman for 2022.

“Growing up, my grandmother would pull out her jewelry box, take each piece out one-by-one and explain in detail what it was, where it came from and why it was so special to her. This developed my love of jewelry.” — RH

CHANEL heart pendant on 14k 18″ gold-filled chain. One only. For 2022.

I started to think of how the treasured pieces, many handed down from generation to generation, could be re-imagined into new design. I give them new life.”  –RH

The use of “we” implies a strong bond: a partnership, a team, a couple, a family, and a community. When you use “we,” you connect your thoughts, values, and intentions to another who you feel is on the same page as you in the chapter of life.

And, too, we -the Fairweather Gallery in Seaside, Oregon, are pleased to offer Fran’s Chocolates, for discrimmating couples, who know.

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Hand-madebeads with mouth blown glass lamp work and gold plated french clips by Michelle Shigemasa.

But, wait, here are more new fall introductions from NW jewelry designer Michelle Shigemasa.

And, too, just in from Chanel jewerly designer Renee Hafeman.

Authentic Camellia pendant, hallamrked “Chanel” 18″ sterling silver chain. One-of-a-kind 21-1045

And, too, Camellia earrings by Chanel jewelry designer Renee Hafeman.

What is designer jewelry, you ask?

Designer jewelry usually refers to jewelry that adheres to a certain aesthetic determined by an individual craftsman. The emphasis is on a particular aesthetic, often employs precious or unusual materials, and sometimes contains handcrafted elements.

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Beautiful things emphasizing tranquility, and timelessness, this is Fairweather.



Hand painted silk wall hanging by Cicely Gorman, watercolor by Pam Haunschild, pen and ink abstract by Vanessa K. Stokes, hand painted tile earrings by Kris Zorko, and knitted wool cloche by Linda Olson.

In addition, locking wine storage island with glass doors and pull out food safe serving drawer, made in America.

Landscape oil by Colette Fallon, watercolor by Lieta Gratteri, glass platters by Monet Rubin, double faced masks by Sai,  botanical floral cards by Dorota Haber-Lehigh, and natural edge console table by Ray Noregaard.

In addition, selected accessories made by hand:  mouth blown art glass, vintage Murano glass on consignment by Paul Brent, inlaid wood frames, sequined silk fame, leather frame, and sterling silver heart frame. Also featuring silver leaf wood display table with beveled glass, vintage wire garden folly, and faux fur with imprinted suede liner throw.


Chanel vintage necklaces by Rene`e Hafeman, calligraphy by Penelope Culbertson, bracelets by Karen Johnson, earrings by Mary Truhler, notebooks  and woven card by Kris Zorko.

Selected accessories made by hand:  chiseled champagne flutes, seeded bubbles mouth blown heart, gift package of caramel hearts, copper wire heart, and vintage Valentine’s cards.

In addition, frosted glass and nickel tiered etagere, wooden trug, and ruby mouth blown glass compote.


Fresco painting by Agnes Field, encaustic by Peg Wells, clocks by Stuart Dittbrenner, goose by Sandy Visse, pedestals by Marcia Hudson, hand painted wine glasses by Gretha Lindwood, and seascapes by Carol Thompson.

In addition, selected accessories made by hand:  signed ceramic vase, natural dried sheared juniper trees, hand forged candlesticks,  exclusive Illume ™ candles, treated natural boxwood candle rings.

Also featuring hand poured luster glass candle stands, beveled mirror, quilted silk/down pillows, fine textile scarves, woven reed runner, dyed cattail spheres, bamboo platter, and carved wood fretwork lamp.



Quilted felt pillow by Cherry Harris

“Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul
And sings the tune without the words
And never stops at all.”
~ Emily Dickinson


And, too, just in! 
New hardcover cookbooks with chef-inspired recipes combined with inspiring plated photographs and Seattle chocolatier Fran’s famous caramels. In addition, Fairweather’s offers a fine selection of hardcover design, travel, and garden books.

“Now, my hunger to cook for those I love has translated into self care. Without friends over the past year, I have cooked for myself; and I realize now that my life has been much the richer for it. When at times it has felt like the world is crumbling around me, a proper meal is something I look forward to, taking the time to lay the table prettily, and eating by soft candlelight. My best distraction lately has been ending the day with a sweet morsel of fine chocolate.

As this global pandemic lifts and, little by little, the world opens up, without doubt what I look forward to most is sitting once again round a table in the company of those I love and eating together. But for now I’m plotting tonight’s dinner, leafing through cookbooks looking for food I long to eat; and then taking the time to cook it just for me. There is comfort— a lot of love—in that, too.” — S. McAlpine


Photos by Linda Fenton-Mendenhall.
Staging by D. Fairweather/ gallerist, interior designer, and allied member, A.S.I.D.

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The pandemic year, although stressful, has given us a lot of  time to think—about our NW artists, and specifically, the role that the gallery can have on our patrons. Indeed, many artists have produced more new work than ever before.  We are grateful for their inspirations and have been fortunate to have had the time to create new vibrant displays to complement the artwork and to highlight the month of February, always and forever, known as the season of Love.