Gary Pearlman

Raw edge wood sculpture with inlaid marble and slate mosaic by mater artisan Stuart Dittbrenner. Also showing artist Gary Pearlman’s abstract strokes series and artist Martha Lee’s impasto art selected for Fairweather’s DIFFERENT STROKES August exhibition.

For DIFFERENT STROKES, Fairweather’s August exhibition, watercolor artist Lieta Gratteri featured art created from her summertime garden and presented new gift cards during the opening reception at Fairweather’s.

Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway St.

DIFFERENT STROKES, an exhibition of original abstracts and contemporary works.

Through August 25

Features mixed media by Bill Baily, watercolors by Paul Brent, en Plein air work by Karen Doyle, Art Deco works by Rene Hafeman, acrylic art by Ashley Larsen, fused glass art by Carolyn Myers Lindbergimpasto art by Martha Lee, and encaustic works by Peg Wells.

DIFFERENT STROKES collage of featured art:  Birch Trees watercolor by Paul Brent, mixed media works by Bill Baily, en Plein air by Karen Doyle, and encaustic art by Peg Wells.

First shout out! Celebrating the arts since 2004, Seaside First Saturday Art Walk is a journey through the Historic Gilbert District. Free and open to the public,  parking is found on Holladay and Oceanway. The next event is on September 3 between 5- 7 p.m.

Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway St.

September 3, 5-7 p.m.


Opening reception for BALANCING ACT, an exhibition of contemporary and traditional art.

Features watercolorist Paul Brent,  ceramic artist Sandy Visse, mural artist Toni Avery, en Plein air artist Melissa Jander, whimsical artist Marga Stanley, contemporary artist Diane Copenhaver, mixed media artist Jan Rimerman, fine jewelry maker Jim Hayes, and craft maker Pat Tulip. 

Neal Maine, naturalist, lecture at 6 p.m. 

Fairweather House and Gallery has become one of the historic Gilbert District’s sought after destinations offering an ever-changing amazing visual experience.”  Seaside Signal 2009

Representing a collection of fine art and craft  by an exceptional group of regional artists for over fifteen years. From traditional to transitional, contemporary to realism, impressionism to emerging art.

Please read more about our Seaside gallery, our commitment to N.W. artists, and our products made by N.W. artists.


Meticulous displays, like none other, with disciplined attention to design perspectives. Find harmony in exquisite materials, combined with the spirit of many artists who know how to apply the mark of being in the Northwest.

Find where interior design is not decorating but rather giving coastal homes the peaceful lifestyle. Find where everyday dreams are integrated with irreplaceable humanity, friendship and beauty.

Driftwood, burl, and plank wood settee,  hand-wrapped bittersweet garland, hand-painted silk and down filled accent pillow, pair of 20×20  flanged velvet pillows with hand-dyed gathered pleated silk pillows, and one-of-a-kind autumn block quilt by NW textile artist Betty Huffman.

Autumn landscape oil by Karen E. Lewis, en plein air landscapes by Karen Doyle, wood turned bowls Tom Willing, Art Deco wood vessels by Martin Conley, Illumne column candles, and stainless steel/ hand-turned ice cream scoop.

Mouth blown, one-of-kind glass pumpkins, hand-made velvet pumpkins, hand-made twig table top runner, tissue paper autumn leaves, mercury glass mirror, hand-forged bronze dessert stand, fused glass dish by Carolyn Myers Lindberg, and espresso glass vessel with filled with natural lichens.

“Boo” paper folded book by Mary Bottita, mixed media by Gary Pearlman, hand-painted silk throw pillow accented with hand-made beads, natural cattails and birch branches, marble pumpkins, mercury glass mouth-blown pumpkin, silk ribbon pumpkin, amber glass stand, and hand- stitched linen runner.

Oil still life by Emily Schultz-McNeil, abstract leaf art by Diane Copenhaver, mixed media leaf art by Pam Haunschild, hand-made journals by Kris Zorko, clock and raw edge maple burl table by Stuart Dittbrenner.

Staging by KD Fairweather, Allied Member A.S.I.D., American Society of Interior Designers.

Photographs by Linda Fenton-Mendenhall.


ART Exhibit and Sale Through October 25

Meticulous displays, like none other, with disciplined attention to design perspectives. Find harmony in exquisite materials, combined with the spirit of many artists who know how to apply the mark of being in the Northwest.


Please read more about our gallery, our commitment to NW artists, and our products made by NW hands

Handmade glass heart and tray by Bob Heath, glass platters by Fedor Zubanov, tile earrings by Kris Zorko, handmade bird by Sandy Visse, myrtle wood mushroom by Mike Brown, vintage pottery, and signed art glass.

Artist enhanced vintage series by Jon Anni,  vintage bowls, handmade pottery, pear twig basket, bronze candlesticks, mouth blown stemware, handmade grapevine spheres, and myrtle wood serving tray.

Contemporary art by Gary Pearlman, vintage pottery, bronze hammered vase, mouth blown art glass, pleated silk and down accent pillows, carved bone picture frame, “Boo” folded book art by Mary Botitta, velvet pumpkins, and mouth blown mercury glass.

Oil paintings and watercolor by Paul Brent,  hand turned wood tray by Roger Trexle,  wood bowl by Daniel Harris, men’s necklaces by Mary Truhler, hand forged bronze candlesticks, hand made wood disc runner, fall pottery by Marilyn Cohn, and a collection of mouth blown stemware.







It is beginning to look like fall

Through September 25

Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway

Seaside, Oregon


An exhibition that depicts a second look into art concepts, looking past the first glimpse to discover deeper, more specific, and significant elements in the artist’s conception of the work.


Staging by KD Fairweather, Allied member American Society of Interior Designers.

Photographs by Linda Fenton-Mendenhall.

Please read more about our gallery, our commitment to NW artists, and our products made by NW hands


 Abstract watercolors by Donna Sanson, Oregon Myrtlewood cribbage board, segmented vase, and nautilus sculptures by Mike Brown.

Crafted by NW hands.

Folded book art by Mary Boitta, encaustic art (aptly titled “Remembering Autumn”) by Peg Wells, origami by Peggy Evans, and hand-painted tiles by Sandy Applegate.

Abstracts by Diane Copenhaver and glass art by Bob Heath.

Handmade curly willow, mouth-blown glass, handmade book, and box by Christine Trexel.

Coral glass by Rinee Merritt and Plein air oil by Lisa Wiser.

Encaustic art, ocean debris baskets, sea urchin bowls, moon platter by Emily Miller,  abstract drip by Kimberly Reed, and oil paintings by Sharon Kathleen Johnson.

Abstract miniatures by Tanya Gardner.

Calligraphy by Penelope Culbertson, watercolor by Bill Baily, and pottery by Suzy Holland.

Abstract oil by Carmela Newstead.

For Shape and Color.

Art masks by Jorjett Strumme.

Paintings with pressed flowers on metal by Mike Mason. Anny Sears, a model wearing pressed foliages by Mike Mason.

Pastel landscape by Carmela Newstead and vintage jewelry necklace by Reneé Hafeman.

 Photograph by Neal Maine, pastels by Lynda Campbell, and seascapes by Ron Nicolaides.

Mixed media diptych by Gary Pearlman, raw-edged walnut bowl by Mike Brown, and paper box sculpture by Christine Trexel.

Miniature oils by Barbara Rosbe Felisky.

Photos by Linda Fenton-Mendenhall.

“Color and Shape” exhibition through September 30th.

The show covers every aspect of art, textures, materials, and finishes, highlighting the quintessentially colorful fall season.

“Shape and Color, Fairweather’s September exhibition, would not be such a success without the beautiful work created by NW hands. The selected artists provided new work to highlight the annual fall show. We thank them all for the extraordinary opportunity to tell a seasonal story with their art. Truly, the artists offered new exceptional work, and by doing so, they encourage those of us in the arts to do more.” Fairweather Gallery

Abstract series of three by Jan Rimmerman, seascape oil by Karen E. Lewis, and pottery by Suzy Holland. Shape and Color gallery hostesses Katie, Kemy Kay, Joan, Bonnie, and Denise.

“Thank you for the beautiful crystal I picked out for a gift. Most of all, thanks for bringing the utmost beauty to many people. Most of all, thanks for inviting me to work in your stunning establishment. It delights my eyes every time I come in. Your artists are beyond comparison.” Kemy Kay

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and then do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” –Howard Thurman, educator and theologian.
“Thank you for your encouragement and support in showing and growing my art. You have created such a wonderful group of artists and displayed our work in beautiful ways. I am extremely grateful for your friendship and aliveness in our shared vision.” Gayle H. Seely

For more about the gallery, please go to

Soon we will be moving the display tables into the next season.  We embrace change.


Art walk hostesses amidst fall foliages.

We help one another.  We live for the moment.  


Gary Pearlman, Sherrie Stahl,  Jo Pomeroy-Crockett, Sarah Lippold, Penelope Culbertson, Mary Boitta and Diane Klausner featured works on display.

We do what others are not willing to do. We feature original work by regional artists.

We accept social responsibility.  We give generously. We honor our artists, our community and our causes to the utmost of our abilities.

We do the right things.

We have hosted more than 100 art events in more than 10 years!!!

We take pride in discovering and promoting the many, many creative minds who shape our beloved community.

We are grateful.  We are thankful.  We are hopeful.

Please visit for more about us.

Photos courtesy of Linda Fenton-Mendenhall Photography.

Original calligraphy on marbled paper

Through June at Fairweather: Works on Paper, an exhibition including established and emerging artists who have created unique works using paper as their primary medium.

New work from Patricia Clark-Finley with works on graphite and sommelier ink on yupo; Penelope Culbertson with works in calligraphy on antique paper; and Christine Trexel, who creates hand-made books.

Also introducing new works on paper by Gary Pearlman, who embeds individually cut patterns of handmade paper, integrating the pieces into original art.

  • Original watercolors by Paul Brent
  • Art by Victoria Brooks
  • Collagraphs by Nick Brakel
  • Collage and yupo art by Jo Pomeroy-Crockett Ph.D.
  • Pen and Ink art by Britney Drumheller
  • Contemporary art by Agnes Field
  • Ocean photography by Don Frank
  • Pastels by Bev Drew Kindley, Gretha Lindwood, and Lori Wallace-Lloyd
  • Teeny tiny art painted with toothpicks by artist  Marga Stanley
  • Nature photography by Neal Maine
  • Landscape photography by Linda Fenton-Mendenhall
  • Collage art by Sherrie Stahl

And, too, Seaside nature photographer Neal Maine exhibits his latest natural history journal of images, habitat images found within steps from downtown, “along the coastal edge, in our own backyards.”

Neal Maine with his natural history journal of images.

Fairweather House and Gallery is located at 612 Broadway in Seaside, Oregon.

Since 2006 the gallery has represented many nationally known artists with ties to the North coast and mentored emerging regional artists.

Please visit for more information.

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