From Daniel Dietrich, photographer. One of three that did Arctic Light.



from Daniel

The set up for Neal Maine, Daniel Dietrich and Doug Ray Seaside presentation.  Arctic Light.  Feb. 21st.  Seaside. In the historic Gilbert Block Building.

more chairs
Arctic Light, Feb. 21st just minutes before opening.

“Well blow me down, Neal Maine. You are part of one amazing community. Our presentation on our Arctic Adventure was a big hit and was so incredibly fun to do. Thank you Seaside, OR and all the others who came from all over the place to hear our story and support the Alaska Wilderness League. You are awesome!” -Daniel Dietrich

“Hi Denise.It was SO awesome seeing you last week. Thank you so much for all you did for the presentation. I couldn’t have imagined it going any more smoothly. You are a rock star. I am going to send you up a few 4×4 metal prints of a few local seaside birds. This will give you an idea of what the metal prints look like. These are my gift to you. You can hang them in your house if you like them or sell them in the gallery for the Land Trust. Let me know the address to send them to. I hope to see you again very soon”. Daniel Dietrich


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“I received your voice message requesting permission to use a bird migration diagram generated at Arctic Refuge. You are free to use diagrams. Please just credit USFWS/Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
Jennifer Reed
Visitor Services Coordinator
Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

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