Where in the world is artist Patricia Clark-Finely, you ask?

Mount Baker Winery

Patricia Clark-Finley is showing at Mount Baker Vineyards with artist Agnes Field!!!

I live for the mystery that builds as intellectual, spiritual, and esthetic elements create their own dramatic space. I just watch the process for a while, and then something gets going. What a luxury. I am so thankful for the winery and your gallery and the arts community to make use of all this.” Patricia Clark-Finley

IN THE BARREL HOUSE: The Vineyard Loft Studio Features Three Northwest artists in the mature phase of their careers. What they have in common is a trajectory nearing its bullseye – Artists who committed to the mystery of creating, took risks, also took care of business, and moved through interesting lives full of art and life well-lived.

Agnes Field transforms found materials and everyday objects into luminous objects of beauty. Her fresco techniques include masterful mark-making and elegant gestures which question “the boundary between everyday experience and the commercialization of formal practice…..Making art is not only about display and product, but about finding the unknown.” Agnes Field is an active curator and board member in the Astoria, Oregon art world.

David Campiche’s ceramic sculpture is formed in the alchemy of fire, mythology, and human expression. Tall, muscular pieces are wheel thrown, then sculpted. Others are hand-built with mysterious marks and symbols. Smaller pieces exude the Zen of the wheel or the soul of Native American animal spirits. David and Laurie Campiche are well-known and popular inn-keepers in Seaside, Washington.

Patricia Clark-Finley creates jewel-like surfaces and rich textures in encaustic panels up to 4 x 5 ft. in size. The varied imagery and content evoke humor, metaphor, and drama, and draws from a wellspring of sources which include mythology, Jungian symbolism, and the natural world. “Art Practice is an organic part of the object created – which is separated like an apple from a tree. It carries the DNA of its beginning.” Randy Finley and Patricia Clark-Finley operate Whatcom County’s Mount Baker Vineyards. Patricia’s work is featured on labels for many of the winery’s award winning wines.

IN THE TASTING ROOM: Mount Baker Vineyards sets a new bar for the Puget Sound Appellation with Estate Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir Sparkling Brut – Made in the labor intensive Methode Champenoise. In addition, the Estate Madeline Angevine has been awarded the Gold Medal in the 2015 Tri-Cities Wine Festival, and has become a big winner over the years with a near cult-following.

360 592-2300 Winery is Open Daily Noon to 5:00

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