Color it Fall display and lecture notes by Neal Maine.

Fall leaf display for COLOR IT FALL, a September Fairweather Gallery exhibition, by naturalist, scientist and photographer Neal Maine.

About the photography:  I found many display of fall leaves along the Necanicum River in Seaside.  The goal of the project was to create a sense of motion and dynamics of the life process of leaves and their part in driving the entire energy cycle (99.9%) of plant earth. –Neal Maine, PacificLight Images

MORE THAN FALL COLORS lecture notes:

Fall leaf color has a beauty of its own, even though it is the effect of some amazing internal chemistry of leaves. The green pigment in leaves is chlorophyll, which absorbs red and blue light from the sunlight that fall on them. Chloroplasts inside the leaves capture the energy of photons, liberated from the sun and traveling at 186,00 miles a second, to blast apart carbon dioxide and water to reform as oxygen and carbohydrates.

As the leaves bring about their magic in the fall, the pigment of chlorophyll is absorbing parts of the light spectrum and reflecting others, thus the red and yellow are reflected even more as the fall breakdown of chlorophyll fades from the leaves and exposes this cascade of color.
Two other pigments in plant leaves contribute to the array of fall colors. Carotenes, producing yellow reflected light and anthocyanins make the reds.

With the physiology of leaves aside, the beauty of fall leaf color is one of the highlights of the year in many parts of the country. In the North East, fall color tourism is a major part of the economy. In Michigan, over 1 billion dollars comes into the state from the “fall color” visitors.

In our local setting, the vine maple trees produce some of the most spectacular visual displays and are best be found along local rivers and streams. –Neal Maine


Color it Fall quote selected by Neal Maine:  “The human brain, so frail, so perishable, so full of inexhaustible dreams and hungers, burns by the power of the leaf.”  –-Loren Eiseley, the Star Thrower



Each month, during the Seaside First Saturday Art Walk at the Fairweather Gallery, Neal Maine offers a unique nature lecture tailored specifically for each exhibition.

October 7th, 2017
Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway
Opening exhibition

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Neal Maine lecture at 6:pm

Please visit …artists/ …Neal Maine for more doing good works.

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Special guest, Flynn, an Amercian Kestrel, will visit  from the Wildlife Center of the North Coast! 

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