For ‘March’ @ Fairweather’s. Diane Copenhaver, abstract artist.


“Emerging Spring” by Diane Copenhaver

“I see March as a time of encouragement, renewal and rebirth.
Nature begins to awaken with fresh, new signs of growth.
From the bright greens that begin to emerge from the budding trees to the first sightings of color as the early blooming flowers begin to awaken, a hope of newness emerges.
These thoughts of spring informed my painting entitled Emerging Spring.”



“Keep a Tree” abstract painting by Diane Copenhaver

I enjoy the visual language of abstract art and the freedom of non-representational painting. Creating a work from an emotion, a memory, or an impression and bringing it to life through color, texture, and lightness or darkness is my creative interest.”



“Enter the Cool Breeze…” abstract work in progress for a future exhibit  Ode to the Tides by Diane Copenhaver

“I am moved to create a sense of mystery or wonder in my work; inviting the viewer into the painting to explore the energy of color, the texture of the layers, or the mystery of the shadows. In this way, I hope to provide freedom of space for the viewer to create their own story about the work.”  –Diane Copenhaver


For March, an exhibition at Fairweather House and Gallery, little word gems painted by Diane Copenhaver, art that may be mounted on a wall or placed marching along on a table surface.

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