Landscape oil by Ron Nicolaides and seascape oil by Lee Munsell.

“A simple walk along the beach, through a forest, or up a mountain can do wonders for your mental and emotional health. You do not have to have a specific destination in mind, either – your goal is not to hike X miles, but to immerse yourself in the natural, outside world around you.  Forest, mountain and sunset bathing can rejuvenate a weary mind.”

An interesting backstory or two or three…

On a Tuesday, during the peak season in August, visitors arrived in the gallery from Nevada, Montana, Missouri, New York, Ohio, FRANCE, Texas, Colorado, KENYA and a family of five from Utah who were seeing an ocean for the very first time!!!


And, on a Monday, the week before, visitors arrived from New York, Maine, Maryland, N. Carolina and from Missouri…this group started a road trip across the United States duplicating the Lewis and Clark journey.

Read more about Lewis and Clark start in Missouri and ending at  the Pacific Ocean in Oregon:


We are fortunate in that The City of Seaside has installed wide sidewalks to allow for six people to walk together. Indeed, there is a  town ordinance, Title 12,  that lists driveway, sidewalk standards and advertising within the public right-of-way.

During the recent beach volleyball tournament, an estimated 6,000 visitors arrived and walked along Broadway.  Here are a few tidbits heard as they did their walkabouts: “My, oh, my, it’s a beautiful sunny day at the beach.” “Man, I could live here.”  “Life is just better at the beach. Everything is better at the beach!”


Visitors enjoying Dale Veith’s “Serenity”, a  fine art photograph on display at Fairweather’s OUTSIDE INTERESTS exhibition.

In the background: art by Blue Bond, Diane Copenhaver and Emily Miller.



“The work selected for your show OUTSIDE INTERESTS is especially important because that’s where I learned to use art in my healing process.”  Dr. Dale Veith, Clinical Psychologist.

OUTSIDE INTERESTS on exhibition through August 25.

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