Rugged refinement. Updated made-by-hand rustic goods with a fresh new update in mercury glass crafted with non-toxic grape juice.

Gnarled driftwood bench with silk, down and chenille decorative pillows accented by a hand quilted silk throw.

Re-purposed western red cedar that has been recycled rather than harvested, as well as, red teak wood that has been recovered from derelict or abandoned buildings. The wood pedestals are finished with marine oil. “Perfectly imperfect” blemishes offer the hallmark of re-inventing the vintage and antique woods.  Complete with minor nail holes and pegs.


Shaved wood shade and cast silver plated antler base.  3-way switch.

Mouth blown crystal with natural winter stems. Neal Small cubist mirror with hammered bronze vases.

Chiseled silver leaf vase, hand blown glass urns, bronze Mother Nature figurine, Penelope Culbertson hand lettered  Desiderata quote.

“GO PLACIDLY amid the noise and the haste. Remember what peace there may be in silence. Whatever your labors and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life, keep peace in your soul. With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world.” –M. Ehrmann/ 1927

Hammered silver pendant with sand dollar fossil stone.

Under a mouth blown cloche- hornet’s nest placed on a vintage tray at D. Fairweather’s home  (a personal and private collection).


January 2020 designer notes:

“For inspiration, turn to nature.  Display shed antlers, moss, branches, deeply imprinted fossils, seashells and inert hornets’ nests. 

A collection in natural history is a pleasing and perfect design element. Collect things that have character and have a story to tell.  A collection starts with a desire to live with beautiful things.

Find one thing that that has character, add another interesting item which will lead to another kind of object.  Embrace being authentic and real. 

Pare down, edit to LUXE, rugged and peaceful items and  remove layers of disputed origins.  Embrace genuine, pleasing and natural items.  Live with want you desire.”

D. Fairweather

Gallerist and interior designer, Allied member  A.S.I.D.

America Society on Interior Designers 1986-present


“Max Ehrmann’s poem Desiderata is a concise but truly inspiring reminder to strive for the high ideals. It reminds us to treat others kindly.”  DAF

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