Sisters by Sharon Kathleen Johnson, oil on canvas


“I keep detail down to a minimum because a painting needs to be different than a photo. Simply reproducing a photo in every detail misses the point of painting, which is to create a new reality. I draw by eye and that can bring out interesting distortions. I like to work small because I can finish a work in three or four hours.   Each one is a stepping stone to becoming a better painter.”


Photo inspiration from the past.

Kind of ironic–the beaches are closed to vehicles and pedestrians  during the pandemic crisis.



“Most recently, I have worked on the human figure. Skin tone is a particular challenge. I tend to simplify detail in service to composition. This is the reference photo (google searching  a subject like “children on the beach” and choose subjects that seem simple with no more than three figures per painting.”  Sharon Kathleen Johnson,  seaside  artist, studied Languages, Art, and Music at Reed College.



“Sharon Kathleen Johnson’s artwork for incorporates the elements of art with memories—and one principle of design—unity—to communicate  feelings and emotion.”  D. Fairweather, galleriest




“Outside Interests” framed in white Leah Kohlenberg,

This pastel painting is inspired by the Oregon coast, but the colors are wild and bright (sometimes wacky).  This is to allow some of the raw brushwork and initial power that comes from an artistic first impression.”   Leah Kohlenberg, abstract painter.

“And, too, I have my art classes are online. I have one adult class that meets online on Sundays, from 1-4 p.m. and have added several kids classes during the week.” Leah


“What an online art class looks like.”  Leah Kohlenberg

“Say  hi to still life students and Reuters employees in Europe (Poland, England, Germany and Spain locations represented).Teaching is an attempt to share with others the more vibrantly colorful world that’s in my head. I have taught art for 18 years, first by helping start an English language art school called Sziv Studios in Budapest, Hungary with American artist Paula Brett, and since then teaching hundreds of students of all ages.  I founded the Roaming Studio for teaching art classes in 2010 (renamed Leah Kohlenberg Fine Art Classes in 2016).”  ”  Leah



“Drawing magnolia branch!! Trying to find some beauty amidst the chaos of life.”  Dorota Haber-Lehigh

Dorota has two degrees in Art and International Studies with a focus on indigenous cultures, and a master’s degree in teaching.  She has earned a Diploma in Botanical Illustration from Society of Botanical Artist. She is a member of Oregon Botanical Artists, Pacific Northwest Botanical Artists and American Society of Botanical Artists.


Dorota Haber-Lehigh is interested in portraying individual plants with their sculptural and ephemeral beauty. Her passion is to bring attention to importance of ecological diversity of nature and emphasize nature’s and human fragility. She is interested in the healing power of plants and nature and enjoys drawing plants that have medicinal properties. She has e authored two ethnobotanical coloring books: “ABC of Native Plants of the Coastal PNW” and “Native Berries of the Coastal PNW.”



Although,  we are dismayed over the current state of the pandemic crisis, about our gallery being closed, about not being able to serve our community in person at this time, we hope that you will find kindness and compassion for those in the arts who are struggling around you.

As we love art, we will continue to offer stories about the artists that are producing in the spring of 2020. 


We will see you on the other side of this.

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Flashback photo.

Fairweather Gallery art hostesses  Elaine, Kathy, Eliza, Kay, Shirley, Joan, Denise with naturalist Neal Maine  during the 2016 opening reception of Art Saves.   c. Linda Fenton-Mendenhall


April 04, 2020

Seaside, Oregon remains under an emergency order restricting visitors and access to public buildings, parks, streams, and beaches.

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If you’re stuck inside thanks to the age of social distancing due to #COVID19, while we may not be able to visit the ocean right now, these videos will help bring it right to your living room.

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