Welcoming Colette Fallon, music educator, musician, composer, artist and poet.

“Pink Sky” by Colette Fallon

Oil on canvas, framed

24″ x 18″

$1750 debut pricing through July

 “I have found my exploration with oil painting, music composition and arranging makes a wonderful marriage.  Each medium inspires the other.”  

Colette Fallon studied music and art throughout her life and continues to do so.  During her music teaching career, Colette continued to delve in oil painting and sketching.

Colette has also developed an integrated early childhood arts and music curriculum called “Coda Bear”.

She was a founding member of a jazz ensemble, “Clear Daze” as a keyboardist/pianist, composer and arranger, which released a CD of original jazz compositions. Colette continues to compose music for various music libraries.

Colette studied with two oil painting instructors, Thomas Fulwider and Betty Raymond, who made a profound impact in her life. Colette has received numerous awards in juried shows.

One of Colette’s favorite locations for inspiration is the Oregon landscape. 

Original oil paintings with special introductory pricing through July 2020!

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“In my travels, I find the Oregon Coast as one of my most favorite places to visit.  The coastal veranda offers spectacular vistas that are ever changing. I never tire of the incredible expansive beauty the Oregon Coast offers”.  CF

Artist grace note received.
“It was a pleasure visiting with you recently.  Your gallery, displayed with a plethora of mediums, was a visual delight. I am very excited to be a part of the family of artists in your gallery.”  Colette Fallon
And, too, a pair of new grace notes received…

“I’ve been enjoying all of your info about your gallery! Fun to see everything! One of these days I’ll pop in, mask and all! Hope you have a lovely reopening.” Joan S.

“I know you will be able to manage all the changes for the gallery you are implementing.  It is hard for everyone at this time.  Please take it slow and steady until summer is in full swing.  I know you will keep everyone stay safe.”  Kathy B.
“Enclosed is the ” Clear Daze” CD. The music was written by Jerry Paul, the guitar player and myself.  It’s an eclectic group of compositions with jazz influences.  The cover has a photo of Tillamook Head  in Seaside.  Jerry is a photographer, as well. He did that photo of me that I sent you.  Thank you for selecting the CD as a music choice in your gallery.”  Colette Fallon
Clear Daze CD review:
“A delicate sound for a perplexed world. An instrumental jazz ensemble that blends a broad spectrum of original sounds with a captivating mix of styles and dynamics.  In a “dazed” world of conflict and confusion, the music gives a “clear” sense of calm and certainty.”

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Introducing oil painter Colette Fallon

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