For WILD BEAUTY. Art by Patricia Clark-Finley and Neal Maine. Through November 24th.




“Swan” graphite on yupo by Patricia Clark-Finley

With the first snows falling in the Pacific Northwest, it’s an appropriate time to turn our attention to wintering birds that can be found in our region.

Trumpeter Swans, Tundra Swans, and Snow Geese are three white birds that are of particular interest  at this time because their populations are growing and expanding to new locations within the Northwest.


Neal Maine, NW naturalist and fine art photographer, showing photographs of snowy owls that have sometimes visited the North coast.

The Snowy Owl is an irregular visitor to the North Coast, with sightings most likely from early November to mid-March. Abundance varies from year to year, with none reported some winters, over 100 reported in others, and at least a few most years.



Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway


 WILD BEAUTY exhibition

Through Nov. 24th

Featuring NW artists Leopoldine “LEO” Brew, Agnes Field, Patricia Clark-Finley, Dorota Haber-Leligh, Ron Nicolaides, Neal Maine, Jan Rimerman, and Vanessa K. Stokes.

Welcoming  encaustic artist Claudia Fuenzalida Johns.

“My art process reflects the family cultures I come from. At the foreground are issues of migration, movement, and constant change. My own nomadic wandering is both intellectual and also physical as my studio location and my reading list seems to change every few years. The birds which populate my images seem to echo this freedom of wandering. Most recently, the broad expanse of abstraction and light are inspired by the weather watching I do from my Long Beach Peninsula studio window in Washington.” Patricia Clark-Finley


The strength of WILD BEAUTY lies in the detailed and multivariate perspectives each artist brings showing us a different viewpoint.

They all use WILD BEAUTY as the theme in their work but they use different techniques and the way they see it is distinctively unique.

“Fairweather Art Walk is always good. It seems effortless and relaxed as only a talented designer could orchestrate. The space is lighted with precision to display over 100 artworks from a variety of genres and mediums. The artists are comfortable and welcomed as they mingle with visitors and one another. Greetings are pleasant and well-mannered. The evening  progresses with explanations from the artists about their work, and a word from the curator about current projects and events.  Gallerist Denise Fairweather works tirelessly along with loyal friends to set the stage for this genuine paradigm for art in the community.”  PCF


Patricia Clark-Finley studied at the UW, UC Berkeley, and completed a BFA at the San Francisco Art Institute. She spent time at the San Francisco Center for the Book, Carl Jung Institute, and Crown Point Press. Her work has been included in exhibitions juried by artists such as Viola Frey, Carlos Villa, and Christopher Brown. She was in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Gallery. Her work has been included in galleries and invitational exhibitions.




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Artist Patricia Clark-Finley and naturalist Neal Maine have exhibited at the Fairweather Gallery for more than ten years.


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