January 2021 work in progress at the studio of Tedd Chilless

“Blooms in Sunlight” oil on linen 


“I treat painting flowers more like a portrait offering evidence of intimacy of the individual blooms.  My perceptions are realistic studies.”  TC

Just now hand delivered to the Fairweather Gallery by artist Tedd Chilless

“We need colorful works and flowers in our lives.”

Just in from Tedd Chilless.
“Alstroemeria” oil on linen 

The cut flower of all cut flowers, often called Lily-of-the-Incas, is a flower in almost all bouquets.

“I am a Contemporary Realistic Painter of Flowers and Landscapes.”  TC



And, so, for 2021 Tedd Chilless created new impasto oils using fine tools of his trade, a collection of palette knives.




Fresh Blooms” impasto oil painting by Tedd Chilless

Just in for 2021


“Iris” impasto oil painting by Tedd Chilless

Just in for 2021

Impasto painting is about using palette knives to press with a certain amount of paint thickness and texture. Each stroke is done in one confident and controlled movement. 



I did my architectural internship and received my Architect’s license in the Northwest. In addition, I received a Ford Foundation Fellowship. While on this fellowship I lived and studied in Washington D.C., New York City, and Boston where I studied painting.

I established my architectural firm in Portland, OR and as computers took over my architectural practice I experienced what I called ‘graphite withdrawal’.

It was a major change to go from sketching eight hours a day for twenty years to moving only a mouse. I felt the need to express my artistic skills and began painting in earnest. 

The transition from architecture to painting has been easy since the knowledge of form and composition are similar in both. I now paint full time.

I serve as an Oregon State Ambassador and am an Active Member of the Oregon Society of Artists.  —Tedd Chilless



Take a Note! Artist Tedd Chilless painting LIVE at Fairweather Gallery during the winter quarter of 2020. He is planning on more Painting Seaside LIVE ™ events Fairweather during the spring quarter of 2021, as well.



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