“Happy Gull”  marbled watercolor on board by Lieta Gratteri

“Really liked how this all came together. Marbled paper and watercolor.  I never know what will happen. Taking chances with other mediums.”  LG

Just in from artist Gretha Lindwood  new 2021 collection of wine glasses and champagne flutes. $30 each

“Taken a slight detour from plein air painting due to COVID-19 restrictions and creating hand painted stemware that is heat treated.” GL

Many creative minds use vision boards,  magazine tear sheets, and bulletin boards to curate future inspirations. Ideas ultimately become an artist project. Indeed, Fairweather House and Gallery is excited to see these new evolutions from Lieta, Gretha, Roselyn and more. We will continue to share artists ideas, thoughts, and creations throughout the upcoming year.  Please check back often to read more about the arts.

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And, too, just in for 2021.

“Luminous Passage” original pastel art by Gretha Lindwood

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