Strike off close up detail

Hand quilted, dyed, and painted silk wall hanging by NW textile artist Cicely Gilman

20″w x 90″l with hand painted wood pole $1000

Cicely Gilman is a silk artist that has been working in the medium for more than 20 years. She received her B.A. in Fashion and Textiles from St. Martins College of Art in London, England in 1979. She was born the US and has lived in Vienna, Austria, London, England, NYC, and LA before moving to Seaside, Oregon in 2020. She was represented by Sue Lapin Museums, where she created silk scarves for many museum shops. She has developed an extensive collection of textile designs.

Textile arts have been developing new creative forms and language involving many during the pandemic. Influenced by postmodernist ideas, Cicely Gilman’s  fiber work has become more conceptual. Indeed, with techniques, materials and concepts, the NW artist is completely pushing the limits of the medium. The re-born practices such as embroidery art, quilting,  sewing, hand painting,empl and many others, have placed a new focus on the work that  feature textiles and threads as a painting and sculpting material.”   FH&G


And, too, just in for 2021!

Cherry Jones Harris has created a quilted wall treasure that, truly, will be loved for a lifetime as textile art.

“Bird Dance ” 30 block  quilt by textile artist Cherry Harris $950


“Quality fabrics should feel wonderful to work like a dream.” CH


Reverse of Bird Song quilt by Cherry Harris with a hidden wood hanging dowel


Selecting quality fabrics that have a higher thread count, Cherry Harris takes pride in working with high quality goods. In addition, she searches  constantly to find looks and designs in the beautiful color values.  –FH&G


Close up detail of the multi-medium layering  hand work of textile artist Cherry Harris



Folk art designer Sue Spargo offers patterns to quilting enthusiasts through signature designs.


Cherry Harris applied a trademark private label for her Sue Spargo design, generously giving the creator credit with embroidery.




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