Just in from NW glass artists Bob Heath, Carolyn Myers, and D’arcy Martin.

“Painterly” fused glass platter by Bob Heath

This platter has a black frame which surrounds a color inlay made entirely of various shades of Blue, Green and Black. The color inlay is made in a style that I call Painterly due to the way  the colors randomly flow and merge into one another like brush strokes. On this platter, I took advantage of the fact that Black becomes glossy at a lower temperature than all of the other colors.  By fire polishing at just the right temperature, I was able to maintain a matte surface on the Blues and Greens, while making the black streaks in the inlay and the frame glossy. The difference in the light reflection of the matte versus the glossy surfaces provides another element of contrast in this piece.  The edge of the panel features a beautiful Mint Green racing stripe.–Bob Heath, glass artist
This platter could be used to serve appetizers, Sushi or just as a decorative table centerpiece.
Size: 10 1/2″ long x 7 1/2″ wide x 1 1/4″ high
Sea Star fused glass dichroic platter by Carolyn Myers

Sea Stars or Starfish

https://oceanservice.noaa.gov › facts › starfish
Feb 26, 2021 — Sea stars, commonly called, “starfish,” are not fish. … There are approximately 2,000 species of sea star, all of which live in marine waters. Sea …
Handmade lazy susan platter by Darcy Martin
Using 1300 degrees in a kiln to fuse and create glass is a beautiful and challenging partnership between the artist and the laws of physics.  Designing projects with structure and color still must face intense heat for up to 16 hours. 

About the artists:

Oregon is home to many glass artists, due in large part to the presence of several of the world’s major manufacturers of raw art glass materials and numerous glass schools.

This has given Bob Heath the opportunity to study with many of the leading artists in the field including; Avery Anderson, Marty Kremer, Richard LaLonde, among others.

Bob has been an active part of the Oregon glass community, serving on the board of directors of the Oregon Glass Guild since 2005, and as its state president.

Glass artist, Carolyn Myers, creates dichroic (pronounced “dye-crow-ick”) glass, two colored multicolored and reflective proprieties. She has lectured about her glass art during the Seaside First Saturday Art Walks at the Fairweather Gallery. Her next appearance is on June 5, 5-7:pm.

“When you look at this glass, it appears to have more than one color at the same time, especially when viewed with different lighting. The effect was originally created with trace amounts of gold and silver in a large glass melt, resulting in glass that only partially reflects light passing through it.”

D’arcy Martin is a NW fused glass artist who has been designing and creating for 20 years.  Born with a restless, creative imagination, he has always ‘dabbled’ in the arts.  Over the decades, nothing kept his interest long enough for it to reign supreme his wife signed him up for a glass fusing class.

A kiln was purchased, other crafts and arts were forsaken, and the glass journey had begun!

Now showing at the Fairweather House and Gallery, May 2021. And, too, his new glass will be featured during the upcoming Fairweather exhibition INTO THE BLUE, June 5-25.


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