For Valentine’s Day, February 14,  2022. Exclusive jewelry designs and chocolates.

Loving relationships require a “we”-rather than focusing on “me.”

Just in. Chanel’s hearts were designed into lovely pendant necklaces by NW jewelry designer Rene’e Hafeman for 2022.

“Growing up, my grandmother would pull out her jewelry box, take each piece out one-by-one and explain in detail what it was, where it came from and why it was so special to her. This developed my love of jewelry.” — RH

CHANEL heart pendant on 14k 18″ gold-filled chain. One only. For 2022.

I started to think of how the treasured pieces, many handed down from generation to generation, could be re-imagined into new design. I give them new life.”  –RH

The use of “we” implies a strong bond: a partnership, a team, a couple, a family, and a community. When you use “we,” you connect your thoughts, values, and intentions to another who you feel is on the same page as you in the chapter of life.

And, too, we -the Fairweather Gallery in Seaside, Oregon, are pleased to offer Fran’s Chocolates, for discrimmating couples, who know.

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