For FEARLESS, artist Vanessa K. Stokes.

Fairweather House and Gallery, 612 Broadway St. Opening reception for FEARLESS, the exhibition features N.W. artists Vanessa K. Stokes, Sharon Kathleen Johnson, Michael Muldoon, Lee Munsell, and Peg Wells. Each artist has a backstory of creating art while braving outside elements. Artist talks at 5: 30 p.m. Neal Maine, naturalist, biologist, and photographer, lectures at 6 p.m.
‘De Arc’ by Vanessa K. Stokes
14″ x 17″ Watercolor, Pen, and Colored Pencil
For Fearless, the Fairweather May exhibition, my first ideas were the Medical Workers, who have shown resilience in the face of the COVID pandemic.  True strength is when one perseveres through their fear for whatever ideal they are chasing. To tie in this realization with my own style of work, I researched great tales of fearlessness and bravery. I decided to paint about Joan De Arc who won the Hundred Years War, showing bravery in the face of uncertain times. 
I combined medical imagery and medival images into my ‘De Arc’ original work.”  Vanessa K. Stokes
‘Emerald Wrath’ by Vanessa K. Stokes
17″ x 14″ Mixed media Watercolor, Pen, Ink, and Color Pencil
Beyond Fearless. Medusa as an inspiration, on the other hand, was cast out of her temple wrongfully. Some say she was cursed and others say blessed depending on who you ask. Regardless of how her tale is told, today she represents bravery, strength, and fearlessness for many women.”  VKS


Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway St.

May 7-25

Throughout May, FEARLESS is an exhibition that features N.W. artists Vanessa K. Stokes, Bob Kroll, Sharon Kathleen Johnson, Michael Muldoon, Lee Munsell, and Peg Wells, among others.

“The artists have life-earned experience, connection to patrons, community ties with the past, and follow the road ahead to an unknowable future. The artists selected for FEARLESS, for example, aren’t afraid to dive into uncharted waters and never give up.”

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Vanessa K. Stokes is a self-taught Oregon artist. Since childhood, she has always had her nose in a book and her hands creating art.

Vanessa started displaying her art at the young age of 15 and loves exploring any artist tool she can get her hands on and uses a blend of watercolor, pencils, pens, and ink to create her art.

“Get hopelessly lost in the art you make. Go down for days and come out on the other side with scrapes, bruises, and a masterpiece.” – Ariel Bloomer.

Just for FEARLESS are a series of signed art cards by the artist.

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