“Jack’s Folly” mixed media by Jan Rimerman

“Untold Sea Tales” mixed media 36×36 by Jan Rimerman

“Tales of the Sea” mixed media 36×36 by Jan Rimerman

Here is the art are that fit the Sea Symphony theme at Fairweather’s in June. The art is  inspired by the evolution of changing forms in light & shadow. The various textures & layers of color hidden & revealed in the different lights of the day & season are part of my unique sea and ocean art. The work presents a new perspective each time it’s viewed.”  JR
About Jan Rimerman.
Artist/Art Administrator
Visual Art Coordinator Lakewood Center for the Arts
Curator Dee Denton Gallery
Director/Curator Rain Spark Gallery
Director Rock…Paper…Turtle…Art for Wetlands
Neptune Studios
Resident Artist at Fairweather House and Gallery

Jan Rimerman adds an underpainting of powdered charcoal gelled onto heavy watercolor paper that gives a finished painting a hint of visual textural mystery. As many as 22 layers of transparent fluid acrylic paint are applied to the initial powdered charcoal foundation.



Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway St.

 SEA SYMPHONY through June 25

Seaside has inspired artists and has allowed them to create new art themes, sensations, and wonders. Being so near the ocean and art have become two allies within the artistic world, bound by mutual thought, and emotion. 

The exhibition features the newest original work from regional artists Tony Avery, Sandy Viisse, Dorota Haber-Lehigh, Emily Miller, Gretha Lindwood, Jo Ann Pari- Mueller, and Jan Rimmerman.

The possibilities are endless when attempting to depict the rhythm of the sea in art. Seaside is an ever-changing landscape; its consistent motion has made it a source of inspiration for many regional artists. This particular theme is well-liked, especially for its artistic beauty and the duality between land and sea. By representing the sea, artists not only practice their art but also share their emotions. You are invited to visit Fairweather’s where the sea and art become one in June 2022. —FH&G


Please read more about our Seaside gallery, our commitment to N.W. artists, and our products made by N.W. artists.

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