BALANCING ACT tablescape #1: mouth-blown art glass vase, recycled glass beverage glasses with sand-blasted dragon fly motif, mixed media collage by NW artist Sherrie Stahl, hammered copper necklace by NW metalsmith Nikki Hatt, fused glass series by Christine Downs, hand-carved pedestal by master wood-worker Stuart Dittbrenner, and hand-stitched felted, filled door knocker October ornaments.

BALANCING ACT tablescape #2: impasto oils by Leah Kohlenberg, micro oil jellyfish series by Vicky Combs-Snider, wall clock by master wood-worked Stuart Dittbrenner, art glass platters and plates by Christine Downs, landscape mural strike-off by Toni Avery, vintage mouth-blown glass, hand-blown eggplant vegetables, and wood turned candlesticks with Illumne candles.

BALANCING ACT tablescape #3: velvet and chintz hand-sewn pumpkins with dried gourd stems by textile artist Pat Tulip, mouth-blown stemware, exquisitely crafted, highly coveted Melmac grape clusters cascading over a Fairweather signature mouth-blown glass vase, autumn oil painting by Melissa Jander, silk ribbon rolls, and artichoke retro-resin vegetables.

Q: Why are retro/ mid-century faux veggies and fruit trending, you ask?

A: It was an element of surprise, happiness, and playfulness that fake veggies and glass fruit are used as props as display items in the gallery. Customers asked if the fake food items were available for sale.

“Consumers are craving interior design choices that are as comforting as they are whimsical.”

Q: Why the exhibition theme of the BALANCING ACT, you ask?

A: Saying goodbye to summer and the seasonal art on display could be challenging. However, highlighting the time during early fall has historically proved fruitful. It is time to hit the reset button and balance the indoor and outdoor activities on the calendar. The September fall season is the adult time to visit Seaside and view comforting and calming art. It’s the second summer.

Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway St.

Special Exhibition through September 25


Features watercolorist Paul Brent,  ceramic artist Sandy Visse, mural artist Toni Avery, en Plein air and studio artist Melissa Jander, whimsical artist Marga Stanley, contemporary artist Diane Copenhaver, mixed media artist Jan Rimerman, fine jewelry maker Jim Hayes, and craft maker Pat Tulip. 

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