As an adult, Christine Trexel began her journey by creating her books and boxes and making paper. She has been fortunate to have taken various classes at the Oregon College of Arts and Crafts and with internationally known artists in bookbinding and paper making. Christine retired from a career as an occupational therapist. She worked in Australia before retiring to Panama and returning to America. 

For a while, Christine grew and processed plants from her garden in the Pacific N.W. to make paper for the books and boxes using New Zealand flax, iris, crocosmia, anything that had a long parallel fiber. However, she is longer making paper as it began to be much too physically demanding and currently creates her work using selected handmade paper and bookbinding textiles.

Clark, her husband, handbuilds ¼ scale of sailing ship models. Pictured is his model of the Columbia Rediviva.

Christine Trexel recently remarked with a bit of humor, a trip into Seaside away from her home studio “takes a lot of planning and a lot of grit.”

Books have been integral to Christine Trexel’s life since early childhood. She grew up on a farm and spent many happy hours lost inside the pages of a book. She firmly believes a day without time aside for reading is incomplete.

The contents of the books in Christine Trexel’s books might tell history through pictures and writing, or there might be drawings or geometric designs. Her attention to detail is remarkable.”  –-D.Caswell

Box with a hidden drawer by Christine

Christine Trexel makes elaborate jewelry boxes. One such box, called “Repository of Lost Things,” for storing lost things: such as a single earring, and complete with a hidden drawer, perhaps, to place lost memories or secret thoughts. Exquisite treasures. And just in time for Christmas.

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