Vanessa K. Stokes, a talented and promising artist, first made her mark in the art scene at the age of fifteen when she was introduced at Fairweather’s. Her work reflects a rich depth of emotions and a keen eye for detail, captivating viewers with its thought-provoking themes and evocative imagery. Vanessa K. Stokes earned her status as a Gallery resident artist and has significantly impacted the art world with her distinctive style and boundless creativity. –FH&G

Imagine the tiny ecosystems teeming with life, lost by most but seen through the lens of a microscope.

So, let my artwork serve as a gentle nudge to explore the hidden wonders that surround us. May it inspire you to embrace curiosity to take a closer look at the world around you. In doing so, you may uncover the extraordinary in the ordinary, revealing the magic that lies beyond our initial glance.

Embrace the invitation to pause, appreciate, and celebrate the marvelous intricacies that often reside in the realm of the unseen. –VKS

‘Illuminated’ 13 in. X 16 in. Mixed media watercolor, Ink, and colored pencil on Bristol paper.

“Inspired by the enchanting theme of Lost and Found, immerse yourself in a captivating exploration of ideas coming together. Delight in the mystical allure of bottles lost at sea, beacons of hope illuminating the darkness, and the heartwarming notion of finding home wherever the heart leads. Let your imagination take flight on this uplifting journey!” –Vanessa K. Stokes, artist

Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway St.

 LOST and FOUND exhibition

It features art from Barbara Bacon Folawn, Martin Conley, Jo Pomeroy-Crockett, JR Moyer, Vanessa K. Stokes, and Peg Wells.

Driftwood sculpture, antler lighting, and shell-encrusted art combined poetic installations of unearthed materials.

Art sale and exhibition through October 25

Fairweather House and Gallery has become one of the historic Gilbert District’s sought-after destinations offering an ever-changing amazing visual experience.”  — Seaside Signal

A premier source for stylish, chic, one-of-a-kind livable furnishings, unexpected art, and the most extraordinary accessories. Glass, paintings, photography, wood, stone, bronze, sculpture, ceramics, and jewelry.

Representing a collection of fine art by an exceptional group of regional artists for over fifteen years. From traditional to transitional, contemporary to realism, impressionism to emerging art.

Fairweather House and Gallery is an artistic sanctuary that prides itself on fostering a sense of well-being within the realms of family, community, and business. We strive to create an environment where art enthusiasts, local residents, and business professionals can come together to experience the power of creative expression.

We are a community engagement hub where workshops, lectures, and interactive events occur regularly. These gatherings provide opportunities for individuals to connect, learn, and grow as they delve deeper into the world of art and its impact on society.

Our commitment to fairness extends beyond the walls of the gallery, as we strongly believe in supporting local artists and artisans. By collaborating with talented individuals from the community, we aim to foster an atmosphere of collaboration and mutual growth. Through these partnerships, we promote the arts and contribute to our region’s economic development.

Whether you’re an art enthusiast seeking inspiration, a creative soul longing for a meaningful connection, or a business professional looking for a unique setting for your next event, We welcome you with open arms. Step inside and immerse yourself in the beauty, creativity, and endless possibilities that artistic expression can offer.


Fairweather House and Gallery was honored to receive a CEDR award for outstanding Business Service to the Community. “The private-sector annual CEDR award winner is a great example of tenacity, good thinking, and brave investment. This business is doing innovative things here in the Columbia-Pacific region.”  Clatsop Economic Development Resources

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