Well, you sure know how to throw one heck of a party! The October Art Walk/ reception was just the best. Lots of people came, there was great conversation, goodies, wine…on, and the music was pretty good too. (note: the music was composed by Leon for the show) So, I want to thank you for having me in this group show.
Leon Lowman, artist

Thanks so much for your kindness and for the opportunity to be part of your gallery this summer. I really appreciated it.
Peg Wells, artist

“Thanks for the good shows and for promoting my work so well. Hope Gary Loveless works out. Thanks again for a great summer season and we look forward to seeing you next April or early May. Hope all goes well for you and me with sales for the upcoming holiday season, too.”
Paul Brent, artist/ Paul Brent Designer, Inc

So nice to meet! What a beautiful store you have; I’m impressed. Denise, you requested I send a few images of my paintings. Again, great to meet you. I am really looking forward to being in the October show! Sincerely,
Leon Lowman, artist

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