“Sunset Sea” oil impasto on linen by Martha Lee

Secret gardens, places and frescos, these are things of
antiquity that have inspired my paintings.

Organic forms, patterns, textures, changing light effects and rich,
the luminous color of the sea is the subject of my work.

I am working on impasto paintings of spectacular sunsets that are filled with glowing gold.”  Martha Lee

Her passion for the natural world inspires Martha Lee’s paintings. She set up her first studio in Seattle in 1982 and has been creating in oil, pastel, and mixed-media ever since.

Her work consists of textured surfaces, and her goal is the let the mysteries emerge, infusing each piece with a sense of timelessness, universality, and infinity.

She continually attempts to capture the changing light effects of dawn, dusk, and twilight and the mysteries of nature.

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Q: What is impasto painting, you ask?

A: Impasto is an art term used to describe thickly textured paint that is almost three-dimensional in appearance. Using an impasto technique often leaves visible brush strokes in the finished painting. Impasto is a type of sculpture, but it is on a canvas for painters. The paint is laid onto a surface thickly, holding the imprint of an artist’s brush or palette knife.

The impasto oil painting technique is usually associated with the work of Vincent Van Gogh. He applied the paints directly onto the canvas and simply mixed them with his fingers. One of the examples of the impasto technique in his oeuvre is the painting The Starry Night.



Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway St.

DIFFERENT STROKES, an exhibition of original abstracts.

Through August 25

Featuring watercolors by Bill Baily, en Plein air work by Karen Doyle, frescoes by Agnes Field, Art Deco works by Rene Hafeman, acrylic art by Ashley Larsen, fused glass art by Carolyn Myers Lindberg, impasto art by Martha Lee, and encaustic works by Peg Wells.


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Sea Star wooden bowl and complementary serving utensils. Signed. 

Artist Janis Childs designed and individually painted wooden tableware.

I LOVE YOUR WORK! Your designs are whimsical but also classical. I particularly love the starfish bowl in grey and pale blue! So pretty.”  KW

Dragonfly Serving Bowl by Janis Childs. Handpainted original.

I’ve had my beautiful bowls for years and they still look like new. I use them all the time.”  CD

Just in for Fairweather. 

Northwest artist Janis Childs individually painted wooden tableware.

 Food-safe, hand-painted beech, maple bowls, and 100% cotton napkins in exclusive designs.  

So excited to represent Janis Childs. 

Functional art in stunning pops of color with so many different sizes, fruits, and flowers. 


Janis strives to create original handpainted work that is both beautiful and functional. She has selected flora, fauna, and coastal themes for tableware bowls in NW themes.

Recently, she introduced handpainted and signed linens to complement her wooden bowl designs.

Janis Childs has made the Pacific Northwest her home and continues to play an active role in the art community.

Janis Childs has art that has made its way gleefully into galleries and collections across the country and abroad.

The creations of Janis Childs capture the drama
and magnificence of nature
on classic tableware forms in maple, pine, and ash.
Handpainted originals in glowing iridescent colors.
Accented in gold and silver.
One-of-a-kind designs,
each carrying the signature of the artist.


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Mary Bottita creates Folded Book Art. 

I fold the pages and make a word story come alive. Each book is made very carefully by calculating the number of pages combined with the number of letters into a unique fold of individual pages to form a word, image, or number; anything is possible.”  MB 

A custom folded book can tell a story in many ways. I love working with customers to use books to tell their personal stories. Whether it be their names, initials, or life-changing words.”  Mary Bottita

Books have more uses than might be obvious. Sure, you can press flowers in a heavy one and set out the pretty ones as decoration. And, too, you can read the darn things. But turning a hardcover book into a three-dimensional sculpture is a work of art. Indeed, sculptures can be created by making 100s or 1000s of precise folds within the pages of reclaimed, preowned, vintage books, and new pristine books.

A bride-to-be recently asked if a book fold could be used as a cake top for her wedding. She requested a name and Mary folded a sample with HOLLAND as a last name.

Mary Bottita is a Fairweather treasure.

Indeed,, at times, creating can be a little fiddly and time-consuming. The art depends on the level of detail in a pattern, and you have to deal with many folds per book. I also offer a variety of ribbon colors and customized embroidery covers. Special orders take up to 6 weeks to complete.

Mary Bottita is a native Oregonian.


Please contact the gallery for custom book folded art requests by Mary Bottita


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#10: Annie Sears dressed to complement her gift of daffodils on a visit.

Art by Karen Doyle, Bill Baily, Agnes Field, Carmela Newstead, Jan Rimerman, Dorota Haber-Lehigh, Mary Truhler, and Sharon Kathleen Johnson shown in the background.


#9: Proceeding as the way opens for COVID-19, year two, in the art of social distancing.

Featured art by Agnes Field, Jackie LeLoff, Pam Haunschild, Kimberly Reed, Cherry Harris, Vanessa K. Stokes, Melissa Jander, Christine Trexel, Paul Brent, Karen Doyle,  Mary Truhler, and Peg Wells.


#8: The art of masking.

Artist Vanessa K. Stokes exhibition opening. Art by Vanessa, Gretha Lindwood, Cicely Gilman, and Christine Downs with gallery volunteer Nancy Kroll assisting.


#7:  Habitat lecture by naturalist Neal Maine.

For more than ten years, photographer Neal Maine has presented stunning images of the coastal habitats found in our own backyards, in the background is his image titled Pacific Force IV of the Tillamook Head Lighthouse in Seaside.


#6: Life in the green. 

Spring opening reception. Art by Jan Rimerman, Bill Baily, Agnes Field, Lee Munsell, Jan Sheild, Mike Brown, and Martin Conley, Gretha Lindwood, and gallery art hostesses.



#5: Embracing Mother nature.

Welcoming new watercolor artist Mary Lyn Gough with Bob Kroll assisting, also showing art by Melissa Jander, Emily Schultz-McNeil, Pam Haunschild, and Toni Avery.


#4: Earth laughs in flowers.

Most viewed collage post by photographer Linda Fenton-Mendenhall for Fairweather’s.

Karen Doyle, Bev Drew Kindley, Mary Lyn Gough; NW artists in attendance at the opening of BLOOM, a Fairweather exhibition. In addition, featuring art by Jan Rimerman, Emily Schultz-McNeil, Neal Maine, JoAnn Pari-Mueller, Barbara Bacon Folawn, Colette Fallon, Diane Copenhaver, Lieta Gratteri, Marga Stanley, and Mary Burgess.


#3:  From sea to sea, coast to coast, and beach to beach artist Paul Brent created public art.

The “Welcome Wall” mural project in downtown Panama City features Seaside summertime resident artist Paul Brent, a well-recognized fixture of the arts communities in Oregon and Florida.


#2:  Lee Munsell painted LIVE during a visit to Fairweather Gallery.

The artist traveled along the Pacific Coast Highway 101, taking photographs of the iconic Oregon Hug Point, to use as an inspiration in new oil paintings. Sidenote:  an art patron visited to select three of Lee’s works of art to add to his collection in 2021.


#1: Seaside Prom celebration of 100 years.

Fairweather Gallery hosted the Seaside Historical Museum in July 2021. Featuring art by Peg Wells, Lee Munsell, Victoria Brooks, Toni Avery, Karen E. Lewis, Bob Heath, Carolyn Myers Lindberg, Marilyn Cohn, Bob Knoll, Nick Brakel, Emily Miller, and Don Nisbett.

 And, so as 2021 comes to a close, we hope you have enjoyed the roundup of Fairweather moments that made life just a little better at the beach.  

Fairweather House and Gallery, 612 Broadway, Seaside

Featuring changing month-long exhibitions by selected and significant Northwest artists, craftsmen, and artisans. The gallery specializes in original oils, watercolors, mixed media works of art, as well as contemporary bronze, mouth-blown glasswork, abstract works of art, fine jewelry, and one-of-a-kind accessories.


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Elves transformed our gallery into a festive holiday market, filled with handmade items perfect for gifting. The  December exhibtion, A GOOD FIT, has become one of the retail highlights of the gift-giving season as local artists, makers, and craftspeople create beautiful and original handmade gifts perfect for people of all ages. Shop local and support artists by giving handmade treasures to your loved ones and friends this holiday season.

The gallery will concludes its holiday season on December 23 

Give someone special the gift of art!

Gift Certicates. Gift wrapped. 

$50, $100, $250,  $500, and $1000

Gift Certificates may be applied towards artwork, jewelry, artisan crafts, and more at Fairweather’s.

Certificates may be mailed to an address, ordered by phone, or picked up at the gallery by December 23. 

Our certificates don’t cost extra fees and they never expire.


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We will be closed on Friday, December 24, Saturday, December 25, and Friday, December 31, in observance of Christmas and New Year’s Day.

Welcoming Gearhart wood worker Bob Peterson to the gallery. Special thanks to Sara V-G, FH&G art scout.

Made by Hand ™ is becoming one of the retail highlights of the gift-giving season in 2021 as local artists, makers, and craftspeople are creating beautiful and original works. 

Just in! Wood sculpture by Martin Conley.

The color of these semi-precious gemstones materials is a good fit that matches almost any personality.

Wearing handmade jewelry is a way of hinting to a life worth wishing for or the way to share a vibe with those around us.” Mary Truhler, jewelry designer.

The  gallery will feature a variety of handmade items which will include hats, art cards, small works of art, wood-turned items, jewelry, pottery, ornaments, and so much more! Shop local and support artists by giving handmade treasures to your loved ones and friends this holiday season.

Complimentary personalized gift wrapping service on jewelry.


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“One Hundred Years on the Seaside Prom” designed by textile artist by Tess 
Tappert, and quilted by Yvette Lloyd

You can win this beautiful triptych quilted collage textile artwork created specifically 

for the celebration of the Seaside Prom’s Centennial.  


 More than 200 different fabrics, embellished by more than 50 different type of beads and colors of thread were used to create the scenes.  More than 15 quilting patterns embellish the work.  Each 40” x 20” panel reflects an era spanning 33-35 years of the Prom’s life.  Photos from those eras are incorporated into the design.  More than 1300 hours of labor are invested into this one-of-kind masterpiece.  The retail value is $7000. 

RAFFLE TICKETS are $20 each.  Only 500 tickers are available. The winning ticket will be drawn at noon on August 8, 2021, at the Seaside Museum.  Need not be present to win.  Available for pick up at  Museum or shipping can be arranged at the winner’s expense.



NOTE: This original artwork is copyrighted. (The copyright marks are printed on photographs only.)



Call 503-730-7065 or visit  #www.seasideoregonmuseum.com/ 


“Hummingbird on Blue I’ by Bob Kroll

Anna’s Hummingbirds are the only hummingbirds to stay in Oregon year-round, and they are a  common visitor to our garden and feeder. Here, a male Anna’s is perched on Arbor Vitae, showing  blue clouds. This composition was created using image processing software. Only 30 of these  artist-signed photographs will be made. This limited-edition photograph is printed at 12” x 18”  on archival UltraPro Satin paper with Ultrachrome® pigmented inks and is framed with acid-free  matte and backing, as well as UV-filtering ArtGlass, for maximum longevity.”  

“Hummingbird on Blue II” by Bob Kroll

Since I retired from veterinary specialty practice (as a board-certified veterinary neurologist), my wife Nancy and I spend a majority of our time on the North Oregon coast in Cannon Beach, contributing our time as volunteers to North Coast Land Conservancy. In addition, I serve on the board of Cannon Beach Gallery. Bob Kroll

“Caspian Terns can be seen along the Pacific Northwest coast when migrating during the Spring and Fall.  Here,  silhouetted against the colorful sky about 15 minutes after sunset over the blue Pacific.”  BK

“Tern into Dusk II” by Bob Kroll

“The  blur of the background was created by intentionally moving the camera horizontally during a long exposure  (¼ second). Images of the Terns were taken at a separate time and layered over the background, using  image processing software, to create this composition. Each panel is printed at 12” x 18” on archival Art  White premium matte paper with Ultrachrome® pigmented inks and is framed with acid-free mat and  backing under UV-filtering ArtGlassfor maximum longevity.”  Bob Kroll

“Terns into Dusk I, II, and II” by Bob Kroll

The three separate images are available as framed or signed prints with mats to display beautifully as a triptych.

Photography is a means of self-expression and creativity, and it gives me joy in 4 different ways.  First, I find it joyful being outdoors in nature, envisioning a unique composition, and creating a photo that will display that vision.  Second, there is joy once the photo is “developed” in seeing that vision realized.  Third, it brings me joy to share images with others and know that the work is appreciated.  And fourth, there is joy in continuing to learn and improve as an artist. 

Bob Kroll spoke about his INTO THE BLUE art photography at Fairweather’s on June 5



Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway St.


On exhibition through June 25


Just how fond are artists of a particular color will be on display for the exhibition  INTO THE BLUE, with fifteen selected NW artists, 100 new original artworks, art glass, and semi-precious gemstone jewelry pieces.

Acrylic artist Toni Avery

Printmaker Nick Brakel

Abstract painter Diane Copenhaver

En plein air painter Karen Doyle

Watermedia artist Pam Haunschild

Glass artist Bob Heath

 Fine art photographer Bob Kroll

Water colorist Lieta Gratteri

Pastel artist Gretha Lindwood

Calligraphy artist JoAnn Pari-Mueller

Mixed media artist Jan Rimerman

Oil painter Lisa Wiser

Semi precious gemstone jeweler Mary Truhler

Introducing poured alcohol painter Gail Pennebaker



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   I hail from California and my two loves are buying bulbs and shoes with flowers on them.”  Mary Lyn Gough

About the artist:

Like any artist, as a child, I started by painting on the walls. 

I sold my first painting in 7th grade. Won 1st prize in the County Fair 5 times in a row. Creating a balance of right & left-brain hemispheres, I collected a few college degrees. I received income in my college years by selling art.  MLG

Art is a luxury we all can afford. I have the experience of witnessing people find the right artwork. Being both a maker and seller of art- I worked at LaHina Gallery in San Francisco. You can tell when someone falls in love with a piece by their expression, body language. Somehow helping them and sharing in that experience of discovery – that Ahaa moment- was compelling. MLG

“Spring Pageant” watercolor 23 x 30 framed by Mary Lyn Gough

“Watercolors have the transparency of oils and a vibrancy of acrylics with the beguiling nature of water. Painting with watercolors is an attempt to control the uncontrollable.” MLG

“Spring Awakening” 23 x 30 watercolor by Mary Lyn Gough
Mary Lyn is a Principal Program Delivery Partner at Providence. She strives to spend at least a couple of weekends a month on the North coast and has served on the Board of the Cannon Beach Arts Association.  In addition, the artist arrived to lecture about her new watercolors, a floral series of original framed art priced at $650 each, during the April Seaside First Saturday Art Walk at the Fairweather Gallery.
Art Walk 421 Col 1

Mary Lyn Gough, water color artist, with Bon Knoll, another Cannon Beach Arts Association Board member.  Fun fact:  Nancy Knoll, spouse of Bob Knoll, is also another Cannon Beach Arts Association Board member.  Photo collage by Linda Fenton-Mendenhall, Seaside First Saturday Art Walk photographer.

Arching Glory” 23 x 30 watercolor by Mary Lyn Gough

You can teach the basics of structure, the technique of any art process, however, to access the 7th element within cannot be taught. It comes from your soul or intestines, depending on the day.

It is like Picasso, who during his Blue Period, mastered techniques which allowed him to break all the rules and create Cubism.”  MLG


MARY LYN GOUGH watercolors on display and for sale through April 25.

Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway


“Truly, artists lose themselves in their work revealing the world that exists in the  imagination, transcending grace  through the muse of nature.” FH&G


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“Grace helps us do more than we can on our own.

Nature brings truths that we could never discover without the help of grace.”  —FH&G

An iridescent person does this to you because they see what others don’t combine with an ability, sometimes even by doing nothing but being themselves, to understand what you are going through.

“Iridescent Flow” pen and ink with watercolor by Vanessa K. Stokes

In Roman mythology, Flora symbolized nature, flowers, and fertility. Fauna symbolized the goddess of animals, wildlife, and spring. Hence the word “Fauna” designates all animal life. 


“Fauna” pen and ink with watercolor by Vanessa K. Stokes.



Exhibition on view

Through April 25

Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway Street

Seaside, Oregon


“Artists lose themselves in their work revealing the world that exists in the imagination, transcending grace through the muse of nature.” FH&G



Features acrylic artist Toni Avery, oil painter Karen Doyle, en Plein artist Bev Drew Kindley, naturalist Dorota Haber-Lehigh, watercolorist Lieta Gratteri, oil painter Emily Schultz McNiel, botanical artist Mike Mason, and emerging artist Vanessa K. Stokes.


Vanessa K. Stokes

Welcoming artist Mary Lyn Gough.

Showing art on display by Bill Baily, Neal Maine, and Jan Rimerman.




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