Dear cuz;
Who could have predicted that the first fledgling Fairweather place in the early 1970’s would grow into the Fairweather House and Garden that it is now? Your enduring popularity can be attributed to many things. Anything you do has always been a fantastic visual spectacle… and you have always made your places accessible and understandable. When visiting previously, I had appreciated the simple beauty of your design talent and now today, I appreciate the remarkable talents you equally share of those who have made art their life’s passion.

What the future holds for you is hard to pinpoint. Every time I visit you, I am thrilled. Here’s to your next seven years of what can be rightly called one of the most magnificent places along the Oregon coast. Thank you for staying the course.
C. Lincoln

“We got that little guest/office room painted and ready to set up. I’m anxious to get all my pretty things from Fairweather House and Garden set up in there and be able to use the space. You have inspired me to branch out and decorate with things I have never dreamed I would use. I love all the decorating and craft ideas. We do really enjoy our time together at your store.

Blessings on you and your business,
S. Dobson

Card received April 08, 2013
“Meeting you and seeing your lovely gallery was a highlight of my art friends’ and my recent art retreat. I appreciate that your gallery features original work.

Perhaps while it hasn’t been deliberate… or perhaps it has, we noticed that the clusters of theme-related paintings really intrigued us. Thank you for encouraging emerging as well as established artists and for providing Seaside visitors with a really exciting art experience.”
R. Klein

Thanks for the great April art walk.  It was a pleasure to meet the other artists, eat fabulous food and to be a part of the world of art you have created within those walls.  Your finesse and expertise  never fail to impress me. I am so glad I know you.  Carmela Newstead

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