Artist narrative with Carmela Newstead.

morning has spoken

“Water has always been a part of my life. We have always lived near water but the ocean and the beaches of Oregon speak to me in a personal way. The rhythm of the waves, the wind blowing the grasses, shells, laying in the sand, the sun setting, and as it rises from the east, slowly lighting the beach grasses, birds and elk milling across the horizon, Tillamook Head standing mysteriously in the distance all put me in a state of reflection so I can regain some simplicity in my life. This all helps me to address my truth and express my story in my paintings. Life happens and all of its glories, pain, frustrations and joys are part of this world and who we are. It is my hope that without cultural references in my work, anybody can relate to it and hopefully find a connection with it. My mother, an artist herself, always encouraged me to express myself. She helped develop my ability to see and to speak… in a language without words that speaks to the connections of the heart.”

Artist Carmela Newstead will speak about her latest original oils during the EMERGING Seaside First Saturday Art Walk, August 2nd, 5-7:pm at Fairweather’s during a Q and A.

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