For LIGHT, an exhibition that opens Sept. 6th, artist Jan Shield.

Jan Shield, artist
Jan Shield, artist

ONE: Artist Jan Shield returns for a September encore.
SEEING LIGHT by Jan Shield:

Seeing in essence is part of my very being. Seeing to me relates to many ways of becoming sensitive to what surrounds us visually and then responding to it. Growing up with both my parents being artists and having lived in the Northwest, Mexico and Hawaii, and traveling extensively my eyes have seen a lot and my experiences have been quite varied. This has allowed my expressive side to expand based on a multiplicity of perceptions working artistically in a number of medias, helping on a number of nationally recognized murals, as well as installations. My work in art sometimes reflects being involved in very close observation and working in a highly representational manner, and at other times into extreme abstraction and more expressive, experimental and environmental responses. The works I have created for the current show relate to a blending of my nature, one of a deep looking, feeling and artistic response in connection to the sea, air, light, and the very atmosphere that surrounds us all.”

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