Introducing emerging artist Gayle Seely.

Deep Blue

“Deep Blue”, 36″w x 18″h, original oil by Gayle Seely.

Through Gayle’s art there is “such liveliness in bright colors, offered, perhaps, as a true stimulant to the imagination. Through her art and story, she has the power to directly influence the soul.” — Denise Faiweather.

Artist statement:

“I create art for the love of seeing and feeling colors and shapes coming through my emotions. In expressing my internal dialogue in a concrete way, I create fresh perspectives otherwise hidden. As a native Oregonian, my eyes are open to the natural beauty and ever-changing light surrounding me. My style developed over years of simple but profound outdoor and interior moments, expressed in an honest, straightforward, flowing way.” –Gayle H. Seely.

“Gayle’s artwork is not passive: it directly challenges the façade of pretense and completely eradicates narratives bound in familiar human patterns. She beautifully reshapes living things and elements, interweaving them with our individual stories and understandings in order to create a delightfully fresh arrival to a place once unknown.” –Tina Miller Anders, art enthusiast

Colorful Nest

“Colorful Nest”, original oil by Gayle Seely.

And, too, celebrating its 9th year in 2015, Fairweather House and Garden, located at 612 Broadway, in the heart of downtown Seaside, becomes Fairweather House and Gallery!

We are thankful and grateful for many artists, patrons, visitors and residents. So, then, the jostled and converged name re-invention is due to tremendous support for the arts!

As a gallery, Fairweather’s will continue to reflect the eclectic collection of significant and emerging Northwest artists.
As a gallery Fairweather’s will continue to serve the historic Gilbert District as vortices of creativity, inspiration and commerce.
As a gallery, Fairweather’s will continue to offer a wide array of painting, sculpture, photography and other media from classic realism to cutting edge contemporary and conceptual art.


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