COLOR LOVER, an exhibition, Fairweather’s 100th Art Walk.

Carmela Newstead
Carmela Newstead

Opening reception for Color Lover, an exhibit that focused on Northwest artists whose work offers a significant impact on the development of abstract space and color.  Creating complex and dramatic philosophical and visual metaphors, the show crosses boundaries of pictorial space to enter a vibrant realm.  And, so it was, on April 4th, Fairweather’s 100th Art Walk,  paired sweet desserts and wine, a Seaside Painting LIVE ™ episode, and  drawings for  door prizes, including a $100 gift certificate.    In addition, the evening highlighted an exhibition for artist/ Professor Carmela Newstead, Fairweather’s longest exhibiting artist.

Resident art photographer Neal Maine and emerging artist Gayle H. Seely  participated in art discussions.

Gayle H. Seely shows the signed card from Georgia O’Keefe received in 1981 in response to her “box of treasures” and invitation to visit the beaches of Trinidad, California. A big Georgia fan, Gayle had just returned from a show with 22 O’Keefe paintings at the Tacoma Art Museum.

And, too, a note received from the artist to Faiweather’s:
“Thanks for all your help in my emerging into the gallery world!” Sincerely, Gayle H. Seely

Resident artists Britney Drumheller and Linda Trexler spoke with passion about color and emerging landscape photographer Shaun Monahan was introduced during Fairweather’s 100th Art Walk April 4th.


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