Plein art artist Greta Lindwood.

Gretha Lindwood, a lifelong resident of the Pacific Northwest, cherishes the unique landscapes honed by water and light and delights in capturing beauty in pastels. By painting in the traditional plein air style and by using an impressionistic touch, Lindwood’s landscapes invite the viewer into the scene. These landscapes can bring to mind the feel of soft mist from a foggy morning, or the taste of a salty ocean breeze.

Save the date and time.  April 2nd, 5-7pm.  Seaside First Saturday Art Walk.

Fairweather House and Gallery, 612 Broadway

Opening reception for the exhibit Rain or Shine, juxtaposing an array of art, images and voices in a way that resonates with the spring season, reshaping boundaries between the reality and the creative process.




The featured artists will offer a Seaside Painting LIVE ™ episode, start with a blank canvas at the beginning of the art event with completing a quick finish at the end, offering patrons marvelous opportunities to watch two  masters create.



Seaside nature photographer Neal Maine introduces his March/April natural history journal and will speak at 6:pm. Wine tasting, light bites and live music by Shirley 88 through the evening.




Fun Facts:

“Quiet Anticipation,” Gretha Lindwood’s demo painting during last year’s February Seaside Art Walk, received the First Place Award at the 49th Annual Lake Area Artists Show in Lake Oswego.



“Denise Fairweather does an excellent job of bringing unusual objects to her store. She features NW artists and encourages speakers. I am especially fond of her ‘ Paint and Sip’ classes. These introduce the public to art projects that can be completed in two hours while sipping on wine and talking with friends. Last Friday we worked with acrylics on canvas. Your artist  guided us through the process of capturing the light, colors & movement in beach grass in a class March 25th. . Who would’ve thought that we would suddenly peel away some of our work!? What it revealed was astonishing … it’s when the Magic happened. Drop by the gallery and ask Denise to explain; maybe sign up for the next class. I haven’t had so much fun since I re-discovered the joys of riding a tricycle!”–Tina Sawyer

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