AGAINST THE CURRENT: printmaker Sarah Lippold, painter Agnes Field and photographer Don Frank through September.

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Black Hole Sun/ Monotype 11″x15″/ Sarah Lippold

Sarah Lippold is intrigued and challenged with replicating imagery without the use of technology. She prints and stencils with just about any material that can be found and used. She considers the images colorful snapshots of memory from the world around her. She began studying printmaking at Clatsop Community College in 2004 and has taken many printmaking workshops with many local and regional printmakers. She currently teaches art at the Fire Mountain School and The Tamata School.


“Regionalism is, at best, a rooted jumping off place that can bring a fresh eye and a sense of special observation to that which we see every day. The work in this exhibit uses material and images outside usual ways to urge viewers to areas beyond expected vision. The use of collage, found materials, fabric and light, add to the pattern and texture of the surface, as well as to the meaning. The work pushes against the usual process, not for novelty, but for heightened meaning”.–Agnes Field.


Trepassers by Don Frank
Trepassers by Don Frank

Don Frank a professional photographer living on the Oregon Coast, creates varied colorful imagery. His work is found in many galleries and collections across the country, including the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago and the Center for Fine Art Photography in Colorado. Many photographers simply observe. Don likes to participate.

Don Frank engaging friends and patrons at the opening reception for Against the Current.

How to Paint a Sunset
How to Paint a Sunset/Agnes Field/ Mixed Media: Paint, plaster, wood and collage/ 36″x48″


Agnes Field, a native Oregonian, worked in Italy, Finland, was awarded several residencies and completed her graduate work at New York University. She produces mixed media paintings assembled from her surroundings commonly accessible materials, such as cardboard, wood and fabric. The artwork attempts to create intrinsic objects that minimize the boundary between everyday experience and the commercialization of products.


Sarah Lippold lectures about her print making art at the opening reception for Against the Current in Sept. 2016.

 “I am intrigued and challenged with replicating imagery without the use of technology.  The printing press is my copy machine, rollers add the color and stencils are made with just about any material you can imagine.  For these stencils an image is formed.  I present recognizable images (here in wood grain) always with a dreamy landscape (against the current).  This represents what I see every day around me.  Colors change throughout the day, shadows come and go.  My prints offer you a snapshot of my memory.” —Sarah Lippold


Against the Current opening reception.
Agnes Field, curator, opens the exhibit Against the Current, with an art lecture.

Agnes Field, artist/curator, lectures during the opening reception of “Against the Current”, an exhibition,  at Fairweather’s.

“Design and representation anchor art in the known world.  Draw a line horizontally across a blank canvas and we see a horizon and the beginning of a landscape. We complete the images because of our perceptual conditioning and try to make images into something we recognize–part of our known universe.  Abstract art seeks the unknown and stretches the perception of the known world.” —Agnes Field

Against the Grain through September   2016.

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