Fall color forecast is a consciousness of muted, misty and earthy browns, amber and copper.

fall 2016

Fall Must-Have Fabric: Velvet!
Velvet is the epitome of luxury for the fall season. Pile on velvet pillows in solid, buttery and coppery colors. Find subtle patterns like a small-scale geometric print to add a little more visual interest.

Fall Accessory trends: Copper, Bronze and Coral!

out on a limb

“Out on a Limb” bronze bird sculpture.

Copper and the varied colors of copper alloys such as bronze  “invite a nurturing feeling, and in the stressful times we’re living in, the need to embody warmth resonates with a lot of people. The rich metal earth tones are gracing new products available now to clients for the fall season.” –Denise Fairweather, allied member, A.S.I.D., American Society of Interior Designers.


And, too, the golden colors  found in nature are trending, as always, for fall.


Image titled:  “Nature as Art”, white egret reflected on Stanley Lake in Seaside, Oregon by Neal Maine, naturalist/PacificLight Images.  Proceeds in support of NCLC.



New work from Brownie’s workshop. One-of-a-kind vase with banded yellow heart and Oregon myrtlewood.


“Hand turned wood brings comfort, luxury and accent decoration into the fall season. Wood adds nature as a soothing material adding peace and warmth.”

About Oregon myrtlewood:

Oregon myrtlewood is found on lands along the Pacific coast possesses a wide variety of beautiful colors and grain patterns.
It is noted by many as being one of the world’s most beautiful woods.
There is oft-repeated claim that this tree grows “here and in the Holy Land”.
It may be that the Oregon myrtle was here long before this continent was discovered.
Or maybe, as some believe, it was brought to the Pacific Coast by some of Sir Francis Drake’s men.
They may have picked up some of the myrtle nuts on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, and upon reaching the Pacific Northwest shore, planted them.

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