For FRESH GREENS. Artist Karen E. Lewis.


“Riverbend Birch.” 18 x 24 oil. Karen E. Lewis.


“Cottonwood Shoreline.” 18 x 24 oil. Karen E. Lewis.


“Lavender Chairs in the Shade.” 12 x 16 oil. Karen E. Lewis.



Karen E. Lewis grew up on the water, swimming, kayaking and later guiding rafting tours down the Deschutes River. She came to painting accidentally, but quickly became obsessed. Water naturally became her main subject, and a new way for her to connect with what she treasured the most. Karen’s landscapes, with their warm tones and atmospheric light, project a great love of the scenery and nature.

Karen E. Lewis

“Thank you so much for your letter about the Fairweather art exhibitions for 2018. I would be able to participate in Fresh Greens.”




Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway

Seaside, Oregon

Fresh Greens  exhibition through March 30



Featuring resident artists Karen E. Lewis, Fred Lukens, Richard Newman, Mike Mason and Gayle H. Seely.

Grace notes:

I certainly cannot claim to be an expert on art, but I know what moves me.  I enjoy Karen E. Lewis’s paintings each time I pass through our living room… somehow she’s able to capture on canvas why I love living in the Northwest.    — J. Kerekanich


Karen E. Lewis’s Northwest oils and watercolors have long been important elements in our collection.  Her skies are simply breathtaking and her ability to capture the luminescence of the Atlantic is truly unique.    –John & Nancy Peace


The serenity of the Oregon Coast, no one captures the nuances of Northwest landscapes quite like Karen E. Lewis.  Lewis’s oils unmistakably invoke a sense of place, which is why we have become enthusiastic collectors.  — David & Karen Lutes


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