As requested, Shape and Color Reneé Hafeman’s lecture notes.

“I have always loved different shapes and colors of objects since I was a child. I remember drawing them in mid-air with my fingers, I remember pointing them out to my mom and dad, and they always drew my attention. When I am searching for a piece to design into a necklace, my eyes draw to geometric and abstract modern shapes. You will find many of my designs are Modernist and Mid-Century. These eras began in the 1940’s. During that time, some of the most famous and innovative jewelry designs and designers were created. It was a time of streamline design, curves, futuristic impression, creative artistry and modernism. The jewelry supplies at that time began the start of innovative materials never yet used, such as silver, brass, copper and precious stones that fit the raw simplistic design. As you can see from many of my creations, you will find beautiful shapes that draw the human eye because they are not commonly seen. You will notice biomorphic shapes and colors in my newest jewelry.” 



“I truly love the hunt, the find and the creative design of this profession.” 


“I have found pendants in different countries; they drew my attention because of their unusually beautiful form and color.”


End note


“I do believe that each necklace would create a wonderful family heirloom for generations to treasure, thank you.”  Rene’e Hafeman


Rene’e Hafeman

One-of-a-kind jewelry designed exclusively for Shape and Color Rene’e Hafeman. Must see! Must have!

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