Jay Barber, Mayor of Seaside, Sara Vickerman-Gage, Ode to the Tides art curator, Esther Lev, Executive Director The Wetlands Conservancy and Jan Barber at Fairweather’s.


Sara Vickerman-Gage, art curator

Ode to the Tides celebrates the aesthetic and ecological significance of Oregon’s estuaries and tide pools.   The exhibit, first shown at Oregon State University in May, will be on view in Seaside through June 30. The traveling exhibit includes artwork of all kinds, from paintings to fiber, wood, stone, glass and ceramics. With regional and local artists displaying their work, the exhibit and sale bring together a multitude of styles and creativity. The exhibit features juried art for purchase. A portion of the sale of each piece of art will support The Wetlands Conservancy’s program to conserve Oregon’s Coastal estuaries.

 Broadway in Seaside closed for a brief moment of time for a very special  photo op.


Group photo of the artists and guests at the opening of the Ode to the Tides Art Show at Fairweather’s. Left to right: Bev Drew Kindley, Jane McGeehan, Veronica Russell, Mike Mason, Shelby Silver, Carol Cassidy, Tom Willing, Esther Lev, Mary Burgess, Jan Barber, Jay Barber, Sara Vickerman-Gage, Nora Sherwood, Emily Miller, Jill Trninich and Barbara Bacon Folawn.

Ode to the Tides hostesses arrange name tags for the artists yet to arrive… Lisa Wiser, Mark Williams, Diane Copenhaver, Kitty Paino, Linda Sawaya, Patti Isaacs, Agnes Field, Christine Ciesluk, Jan Shield, Dotty Hawthorne, Jani Hoberg, Jan Rimerman, Sarah Bouwsma, Rob Lowe and Teresa Knight.


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The Wetlands Conservancy collaborated with the Clatsop County Cultural Coalition, Oregon Sea Grant, and Institute for Natural Resources to host the exhibit. Ode to the Tides Art Show and Sale goals are to recognize the aesthetic and ecological significance Oregon’s estuaries, tide pools and intertidal habitats, to spark community and creative interdisciplinary engagement, promote conservation and enhance visitor experience and support of coastal resources and communities.

To view the art selection for the Ode to the Tides Show and Sale, go to https://1drv.ms/f/s!ApX3G0K1CP6QvUoil55E7MCQvR8Y


For the opening of Ode to the Tides Art Show and Sale LIVE water-related harp music provided by Rebecca Szymanski  and Christine Sauer, performing as part of a June 1st worldwide event called “Random Acts of Harping.  Pictured in the background is art by Penelope Culbertson and Linda Fenton-Mendenhall.

To read more about the harp event, please go to  https://www.janetlanier.com/page/random-acts-of-harping


Grace notes received:


“I attended the opening reception and thought it was a wonderful exhibit. It really gives the viewer a feeling of the coastal environment and close-up views of the plants and animals that inhabit those spaces. Also I enjoyed seeing the various interpretations, styles, color palettes, and mediums that the artists used in their creative expression. Thank you for coordinating this show.” Barbara Bacon Folawn


Anny purchased an Ode to the Tides felt art by Chris Boyer, titled “Tidepool Neighbors”  and created a fascinator, “wearable art,” that was presented as an evening accessory for the opening reception.


“Thank you for having the warmest and vibrant reception for the Ode to the Tides artists! The Fairweather Gallery is such a magical place. Each time we visit we experience a new adventure. In awe of the wetlands and the brilliance and the love shared.” Anny and Mike



“Thank you for your time and obvious love of art for hosting the Ode to the Tides. This was my first real show of sorts, and I am realizing what is involved behind the scenes.  I wanted to reach out to you and thank you for your time and dedication.”  M. Adams


Photos by Scott Saulsbury  and Linda Fenton-Mendenhall for Fairweather House and Gallery.

For more info about the Ode to the Tides art , please contact art curator, Sara Vickerman,   svickerman@comcast.net

For more info about the gallery, , please visit http://www.fairweatherhouseandgallery.com



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