#10:  Fairweather’s 150th opening artist reception.   Hostesses (friends and friends of friends):  Denise, Sharon, Pat, Kay, Katie, Sara and Saundra.

#9. Shirley 88 played on and on. Always LIVE at Fairweather’s.

#8. High season at the gallery. Shades on,  check. Linen on, check.  Fairweather directors: Kemy Kay, Joanie, Denise, Katie and Kathy.

#7. Neal Maine nature lecture.  Ten information years with listening patrons standing and sitting.

#6.  Doing the wave.  End of summer art season. Kathy, Katie, Saundra, Denise, Joan and Kemy Kay.


#5. Group photo of the artists and guests at the opening of the Ode to the Tides Art Show at Fairweather Gallery.  Doing good works. Wetlands Conservancy Exhibit.

Left to right: Bev Drew Kindley, Jane McGeehan, Veronica Russell, Mike Mason, Shelby Silver, Carol Cassidy, Tom Willing, Esther Lev, Mary Burgess, Jan Barber, Jay Barber, Sara Vickerman-Gage, Nora Sherwood, Teresa Weisman-Kinght, Emily Miller, Jill Trninich and Barbara Bacon Folawn.

#4. “We Thought We Were Babes” mother-daughter art with artist Carolynn Wagler.


#3.  Vicky Combs-Snider opening artist reception.  “With the encouragement of my husband, I am painting again.  The passion I once had, painting with my mother, has returned.” 


#2. Downtown Seaside Spring and Fall Wine Walk.  A fine pairing of Fairweather and Parrett Mountain Cellars.


#1. Celebrating 10 years with Fairweather Gallery.  Joan, Stylist Director;  Paul Brent, artist; Victoria Brooks, artist and Neal Maine, nature photographer.


Mission Statement

“Fairweather House and Gallery attends to the well being of family, community and business through an uncompromising commitment to honesty, fairness, integrity and excellence.”

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