Just in! A series of tabletop wood vessels, signed and numbered by artisan Martin Conley


Birch, black walnut, cherry, maple, mahogany, pine, purple heart wood Art Deco stylized forms  from 17″ to 21″H

“I want eyes to appreciate the movement, colors and textures of the wood.”  MC


Classic, sleek geometric Art Deco approx. 18″H  tabletop wood vessel by Martin Conley 

“Working with wood commercially for more than 40 years taught me a lot about the art of exceptional joinery.”  MC

Copyright © MartinConleyWood

A 3ft piece carved out of a slab of walnut by Martin Conley at Golden Road Arts studios

“I carve holes and grooves in the wood, exposing cavities, colors and textures once hidden behind a weathered exterior.”  MC


Soon to arrive by special request!  Twisted Juniper sculpture by Martin Conley

 “This tree was a partially burned tree, rescued  from a discard and was given to me by the city of Hillsboro.”  MC


Martin Conley, is a third generation Oregonian has worked in many forms from painting and photography to wood sculpture. He studied sculpture at the University of Oregon and has pursued many art forms while working as a contractor.





When contemplating a new piece of natural wood, Martin Conley lets his intuition guide him and starts carving. Negative spaces, the parts he carves away are as important as the positive space, the wood that remains.



Notes about Martin

Martin Conley creates art at a socially distanced studio.  I received one as a gift.  A friend in need is a friend indeed since I have found pandemic isolation really difficult to endure.”  –KP

“We had attended arts and culture events in our area before the pandemic. Martin Conley was unfailingly involved in either showing his own art or helping. He always took time to say hi and welcome us.” –CC



Blast from the 2019 past:

The Tillamook Forest Center opened its season with a presentation series for minds that are curious about Oregon’s forests and a sculpture exhibit showcasing dead trees  often discarded by others but turned into art by Martin Conley. Some of the sculptures were up to 8 feet tall.

Fresh Brewed Forestry featured scientists from the Oregon Department of Forestry that  offered a behind-the-scenes peek at how the agency manages forests for Oregonians.  Future topics will include the relationship between biomass and carbon reduction and how soil recovers after a wildfire.



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Thank you to fellow artist Lieta Gratteri for referring Martin Conley to the Fairweather Gallery in 2021.




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